Sunday, December 30, 2012


This Christmas both my sisters and their husbands/fiances came to Granite Bay! Katie and Dennis flew in on the 19th of December because they come from Florida, so they get a longer trip. Jill and Wes came in on the 23rd so they could stop by and see his family in Napa before coming here. It was so great to have my sissy's here with me! And the boys actually had a really good time together too! We had a lot of fun this year. We went over to my boss's house on sunday night for an "all white" outfit party...which was pretty fun, especially because all the boys wore their matching pj bottoms and was entertaining. That evening we had Jill open her birthday presents because her birthday is on the 30th but she would be back in San Diego by that time. She got a few of her favorite things and was excited about them all. Then, on Christmas Eve, we lounged around, worked out, and then prepared dinner. Since Jill and Wes were leaving the afternoon of Christmas, we decided to have the big dinner on Christmas Eve. So my mom prepped Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pies, name it, we ate it...and it was delicious. After dinner, we decided to celebrate my dad's birthday and this one was special because he turned 60...Actually TODAY! Happy Birthday DAD!!! Love you! So on Christmas Eve, we shared his birthday present which was a book of memories that family and friends had emailed to my sister to put together. We started out with some of our's and then read other friends that had sent a memory in. It was such a good birthday present and a total cryfest! We could hardly make it through any of the memories without crying because my dad is so awesome and his friends and family love him so much! After that fun stuff, we opened our christmas pajamas...and went to look at some lights and luminaries. It is always a fun tradition to pile in the car and look at all the pretty lights. We returned home and relaxed and then went to bed. Then it was Christmas morning...and we all got up and took our places to open all the presents. Everyone got so many good things that they wanted, it was a great Christmas. After presents, Jill and Wes took off for Napa and the rest of us gathered our things and lounged a little more. We then decided to go see a movie as a family which was fun. Then we go home, ate leftovers and hit the sack. Katie and Dennis left the next morning and then it was just the four of us again! It was a great Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I just received my results from my WREB clinical boards in Utah...that just happened last week...I know, super fast! AND...I passed!!! I am so excited! Now...I have to wait for the results of my written National Board that I took about 3 weeks ago and then once the end of January comes, I can take my final exam which is the California Law and Ethics test. Anyway, today was a really exciting day with all these good results coming my way! Below is 4 of my 6 tests with passing grades!!! One result to wait for and one final test to take...Cant wait till February when I get my License!

Monday, December 17, 2012

In Other News

Upon my return from Utah, I promptly went to sleep. I slept horrible while I was there because I was extremely nervous...and therefore needed to catch up on two nights of sleep, which I did on Saturday and Sunday. Now, that it is Monday, I am back at work and finding other things to fill my time. This includes...running/training for a half marathon in the new year...starting one puzzle, finishing it and then starting another...participating in an ugly sweater party that my parents threw and then finding lots of books that I want to read for pure enjoyment.

Clinical Boards

Just a few days ago, I returned from snowy Orem, Utah! I completed my clinical boards for dental hygiene school. And, in case you were wondering, I took my boards in Utah because it was a Western Regional Examination Board and the timing worked out that I completed school at the same time that these board examinations were available in Utah. It was out of the way, however, if I pass my boards, it is beneficial because I can begin practicing sooner than an exam becomes available in the state of California. I hope this makes sense. Anyway, I went on the 12th of December...took an anesthesia exam on the 13th at 7am...which I passed...and then had my second clinical exam on the 14th...which I don't find out the results right away. I felt pretty good about it...and it was a successful, smooth trip that accomplished what it needed to. I am glad to be home and done with full time school. I only have 30 hours of additional schooling in January, and graduation is January 26th!!! There will be more blogging about that later!


Now that I am actually done with full time school, I have time for other things, like my blog, and reading, and exercise and the list continues! As for the most recent events...Tadd and I went to Arizona for Thanksgiving with his family! It was really fun and the whole family was there for the most part. We had family visiting from Idaho, San Diego, Sacramento (us), Los Angeles, Utah...lots and lots of family. We arrived on Wednesday evening, super that night we just went right to bed...and our bed was perfectly made awaiting our arrival thanks to Nick and Alyssa.
Thursday morning...we just hung around for a little while and then headed over to Kirk and Sharon's house to see the family. Over the course of Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon we did a lot of lounging, eating, chatting and more lounging. It was great to catch up with everyone and see all the kids running around. Thanksgiving dinner turned out great and there were so many people that we ate in the backyard with three large round tables. It was the perfect weather and great company. It was overall a really great Thanksgiving. Another day on the trip, we visited Tadd's sister's house in Mesa and played basketball, soccer, volleyball and just an all around outdoor day. We also went out to dinner and breakfast a couple of times and then returned home to hang out some more. It was a very relaxing and nice trip to enjoy family and get some R&R.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

It all started when Tadd and I decided to hit up our local goodwill and find some scrubs for me to wear to school to be a crayon for Halloween! We definitely did not find any matching scrubs, however we did end up with a pretty awesome couple outfit for our Halloween party the Friday before the 31st. Tadd was Nacho Libre, but the casual outfit...and of course I was then encarnacion...if that is even how you spell it! I was the nun that he liked! We had so much fun altering our costumes and making them look great for the party. And the party was a blast. We danced, and we ate, and we danced! Then we watched some comedian and it was hilarious. Tadd and I were rolling with laughter...while others stared at us wondering what we were laughing was seriously a really fun evening. On actual Halloween evening we decided to stay in and order pizza and hand out candy. That lasted about 1 hour for me before I was asleep on the couch and Tadd was handing out candy while I slept soundly through each doorbell ring. I woke up a few hours later and the porch lights were off, the candy was gone and Tadd said it went well. Halloween on a wednesday....apparently I can't keep up with the little ones. Anyway, it was a fun Halloween...and the holiday season begins.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Countdown

What countdown you ask...there are a few! 1. Countdown to completion of Dental Hygiene- 19 full days (a little longer if you count part time weeks in January- but graduation is scheduled for January 26, 2013) 2. Countdown to Tadd's Series 7 Exam- 29 days 3. Countdown to Thanksgiving in Arizona- 17 days 4. Countdown to Christmas with my family- 47 days 5. Countdown to New Years 2013- 55 days 6. Countdown to my sisters wedding- 432 days Now that I have a countdown for all upcoming events...I am going to enjoy the days, the hours, the minutes and soak it all up!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Close to Official

Last week in dental hygiene school we took our class photos...took me back to sixth grade, except my hair was a little better! We had to wear two different outfits, one of our gray scrubs and another with jeans and black shirt. It was fun to get out of the classroom and pretend for a minute that it was all over and we were officially hygienists...however, that is not currently the case. We have 8 weeks left, a few major exams and then one month of part time school while we wait for our licenses to come in the mail. At least we are THAT close! Here are some photos from the class shoot!
Yes...I took a solo shot, and yes if you get a graduation announcement...because I am absolutely sending those out, for the LAST time...the picture will be inside! Get excited!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything about our here it is...I know you have all been waiting (if anyone reads this). Anyway, I just started my fourth and FINAL dental hygiene term last week and it is by far going to be the hardest term yet. But that is ok...because it is the last one and then I will be officially done. Anyway, previous to starting back at this term, we did lots of fun things. 1. We went to six flags marine world with my brother and sister in law. We had such a blast. We ate lots of junk food and went on all the rides and then we had a nice dinner together. We definitely enjoyed spending time together. They are back in Arizona now, but it was great to see them. 2. Tadd was lucky enough to be able to head out to Arizona with his brother and spend about 10 days with his family while he was studying for his series 7 exam still. But he had a great time in AZ and got to see some friends and just enjoy Arizona the way he used to. 3.Once I finished my third term, we get about 10 days off to sleep and recuperate to prepare for the next term. So, while I was on that break, I saw 3 movies with my parents, I went to Portland with my mom and dad and then we all (Mom, Dad, Tadd, Kelly, Jill, Wes and Katie; missing Dennis because of baseball)headed to Anaheim and went to DISNEYLAND! It was so much fun! We went on all the rides and shared lots of junk food but didnt overdo it. We got to spend some quality family time together! It was really fun! 4. After Disneyland, we headed to Adelanto which is where Katie and Dennis currently reside for minor league baseball. We were able to spend a little time with Dennis and watch him play some ball. We all enjoyed watching him play and seeing their town. While we were there, we went dress shopping for Katie. She has not started looking because their date is not until Jan 2014, but since we were all together, we thought it would be fun to get started...and it was! She looked great in everything and now she has somewhat of an idea of the type of dress she will be looking for next time. 5. Other than that, we have been hanging out with friends, studying, and enjoying life. Updates have been made and more posts to come in the future.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baby Boy and Bow Ties

My friend Devon is having a baby in September so in order to prepare we threw her a baby shower! We are so excited for Devon and Jesse to have their second baby and it is even a boy…as they already have an adorable 5 year old girl! The décor turned out so good and my friend Amber and I decided on the theme, however she completely decorated her house and made it look so great. We made bow ties to add to lamps and other décor around the house to add to the theme. There were mason jars with bow ties, chevron printed tablecloths, a 3 tier bow tie cake and delicious food including chicken skewers, pasta salad, fruit salad, chocolate covered strawberries and donuts! We played some fun games like guess the candy bar that is melted in the diaper and the price is right for baby products. Then Devon was able to open all her presents and she got some adorable clothes and some other handy gifts that will prepare her for her little man! We are so excited for their little baby boy to arrive!

Splashing Summer

I thought things would slow down after Jill’s wedding, but then my birthday came and even more plans were made. My friend Amanda came into town from Arizona with her new boyfriend John and 6 of us headed to Mikuni to enjoy some amazing sushi and good company. We all enjoyed the evening and wrapped it up at Amanda’s parent’s house with ollali pie and ice cream. It was so great to see Amanda and to meet her great boyfriend John, whom we all approve of! Looking forward to seeing more of them!!
Tuesday night the fun continued…My boss Binh and his wife Lexie treated Tadd and I to a lovely dinner at a place called Hawks for my birthday. We had the most amazing 7 course tasting menu there. We had some seriously high class food. It included a watermelon, tomato salad; lobster and noodle macaroni with uni sauce, halibut, tuna, short rip, filet mignon, duck and then panna cotta for dessert! It was so great! We always love spending time with Binh and Lexie and they always spoil us!!!

A New Balance

With some birthday money I received I bought some new runners. My first pair of new balance shoes. They are white with pink and silver, nice and light, affordable and very comfy! Took the kicks on a first run a few days ago and 4 miles later I felt pretty good. Despite my red face and the 90 degree temperature, I would call it a success. Love the “New Balance!”

26 years and Otter Pops

Friday July 27th I celebrated my 26th birthday. I was at school for most of the day and my friends baked me a delicious cake with big colorful candles and everything! After school, I got home and opened all my birthday cards and enjoyed lots of kind words as well as a few gifts. My mom and I then headed to sports authority to purchase some running shoes. Then we headed to the store to pick up some last minute BBQ food for Saturday. Then I fell asleep for the rest of the evening. Saturday arrived and I worked in the morning, then cam e home and prepped for friends to join me for my pool party. Some friends from school came and got me a spa gift which is the perfect gift. Some other friends joined as well. We played pickleball, snacked, dove for rings in the pool and ate hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch. The hit of the afternoon however were the otter pops!!!
I think it has been 10+ years since I enjoyed a delicious otter pop and I think from everyone’s reaction it had been that long for them too! After some more lounging we ate ice cream cake with gold medal ribbon inside. The numbers began to dwindle and the remaining people played PIG on the basketball court. Everyone headed out around 5pm and the last couple remained. The four of us decided to go see the Black Knight Rises. More junk food later, the movie was thoroughly entertaining but I was definitely ready for bed. I hit the pillow around 12:15am and did not budge until 8:30am the following morning. It was a fun filled birthday weekend and there are more gifts coming. The gift that Tadd got me is set to arrive on August 10th and it is so thoughtful and he really spent a lot of time to make it perfect. Tadd used our blog and gathered the posts as well as the photos from 2008-2009 and made an online book that is being shipped here! I am so excited to see the final product when it arrives and how much hard work went into the production of it. This is going to be the start of our bound blog collection for our coffee table…so we can reminisce and share all of our memories.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Joining of Jill and Wes- AKA Jes

I just returned from a whirlwind weekend of love and fun in San Diego for my older sister, Jill's wedding! It was such a fun time and wonderful to see how happy Wes and Jill are and then of course get to see all of our family for this wonderful celebration. I arrived Thursday afternoon around 5:30pm and Tadd picked me up and took me right over to Tom Ham's Lighthouse which is where the rehearsal dinner was! All of our extended family and Wes's family was there also. It was a beautiful pre-wedding setting and it was fun to catch up and see everyone. There were some touching moments such as when Jill and Wes read the poems that they ahd written to their parents and had placed them on hankies as a keepsake. And then Wes's father gave some kind remarks as well as Elizabeth, Jill's sister in law now! The food was delicious...we all had salad and then there was three options for the main course...chicken, steak and fish. I got the steak and it was yummy. Then there was your very own creme brulee which is my favorite. After dinner we were able to chat some more with family and friends and then everyone dispersed after one big group photo! We all headed home and got organized for the next day....the BIG wedding DAY! Friday, all the girls, (Mom, Jill, Katie, and the bridesmaids and Mother of the Groom) gathered in the room my parents were staying in that had an attached hospitality suite wth chairs and couches and a large table which was perfect for getting ready! Everyone gathered around adn the hair and makeup extravaganza began. One at a time the wedding line got ready and we just hung out, listened to music, snacked and chatted. It was a very nice day...relaxing and fun...a perfect precursor to the evening ahead.
Once everyone was beautified, we put our dresses on and headed to the venue, Bride and Dress in tote. We arrived and snuck around the groom and groomsmen as they were taking photos...and we arrived safely in a tiny room that was extremely HOT....and we stayed there and sweated for a good two hours until the wedding started. We did get to come out and take photos of all the girls and the beaming Bride! It was so pretty overlooking the ocean and the weather was warm with a breeze. It was slightly humid though, so my hair got a nice frizz to it...not cute! But who was not about me, and Jill looking stunning! She looked so beautiful...her hair was perfect, her makeup flawless and her dress was gorgeous! Everything fit and looked amazing! After we took photos, we returned to the room and danced to some music, took more photos, had a champagne toast and fanned each other until it was time to walk! We made our way to the walkway and off we went to walk the aisle. My dad and Jill made a grand entrance at the top of a set of stairs and that is when the tears started flowing...I composed myself before she made it all the way to the front which was good because I had to hold it together for Jill who is normally the crier. Everyone made it through the ceremony...and at one point Wes got a little too excited and before all the vows he basically shouted "I DO" which was adorable because it showed how much he wanted to marry her and he was ready and any point to say those words!
After the ceremony, all the guests headed to cocktail hour while the bridal party headed down to the beach for some additional photos...after ALL the photos, we stopped by the cocktail hour to try and grab some snacks before the grand introductions...and then the first dance, father -daughter dance, mother-son dance and onto speeches! Jill did a great job holding it together for her speech and then even my Dad pulled it together and limited the tears...then Katie and I proceeded to give our speech which went really well and then the best man Austin topped it off. Overall, the speeches were successful with limited crying which is amazing. Then dinner was served and we enjoyed another delicious meal. I enjoyed fish this evening and it was perfectly crusted and seasoned...yum! After eating, we got onto the dance floor and showed off some moves which is always my favorite part of weddings!
Once we started dancing, we then were able to partake in the bouquet toss, the garter toss as well as the cake cutting! I then enjoyed some red velvet cake and danced some more...Tadd and I were able to mingle with lots of family and friends and enjoy everyone's company at the wedding.
Once it hit about 9:45 things started wrapping up as the venue was no longer available after everyone packed it up and headed to the Sheraton hotel for the after party at the hotel bar. We all gathered there and sat around tables continuing converations and enjoying pizza that my boss bought for us to eat! Aroun 12:30am everyone began to fade and there was last call at the bar...everyone headed home safely at that time.
We got back to the hotel we were staying at and I showered the frizz out of my hair and the sweat off my body and went right to sleep...Unti arising at 8:30 to get slightly pulled together for another family gathering at Einsteins for breakfast. We said our goodbyes and thank you's to our family for making the trip and the wedding so special. Then the five of us...Tadd, me, Katie, Mom and Dad went to the mall just to shop around during the few hours we had before a few more errands on the weekend. We then headed to Jill's house to pick up a few things before they left on their honeymoon and then went out to dinner with our grandparents to enjoy our last evening together. Sunday morning, Tadd and I packed up and Jeff and Karyn, Tadd's aunt and uncle picked us up to spend some time with them and go to church before my flight on Sunday evening. We had a lovely time with them and enjoyed more delicious food and then I made it home around midnight...unpacked and hit the sack! The end! It was a wonderful and special weekend...and we are sooooo excited for Jill and Wes...or better know as their celebrity name Jes. They are currently in the Bahamas for the honeymoon and will return in about one week! We love them so much!!! More pictures will be posted in the near future...stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bachelorette Party

Last weekend Katie and I threw our older sister, Jill, the best bachelorette party ever!!! We worked really hard to have it planned exactly to the minute so that there would be no drama and it would be fun for everyone, and it was exactly that! We stayed at the Hilton in La Jolla San Diego and we got three rooms for the 11 girls that would be participating in the fun weekend events. Katie and Alexis checked into the hotel and decorated Jill's room before anyone got there and while they were doing that, Kristie took Jill out on a catamaran and to a spa day and totally pampered her all day! It was the perfect way to start the weekend. Everyone arrived around 7:30 (except for me) and they were all gathered in the Bride's room, drinking, eating, talking and enjoying themselves. My plane was delayed so I did not get in until 9:30pm...which did not go according to plan but worked out anyway. When
I got there, we played lots of fun games like Pin the Junk on the Hunk and then some other charade games and such. Jill got to open some fun gifts and we had a dance was a blast. A low key Friday night but still so much fun! We all went to bed around 1:30am...and then we slept in until about 10am which made up for the late night. When we got up, we all reconvened in the main bride's room and ate breakfast and chatted some more. Then we all got our bathingsuits on to head to the beach. We got to the beach around 12 noon and found a nice spot for all of us to fit. Alexis brought hula hoops and frisbees and a bubble machine! How fun! We had such a great time on the beach. We relaxed, walked the beach, took fun photos and make Jill into a mermaid! We then headed back to the hotel to hang by the pool for a little while before getting ready for our fun filled, surprise for Jill, evening! Everyone was very timely and ready by 6pm sharp...we then had a mercedez van waiting for us outside and cowboy hats for everyone! We then headed to Harney sushi, which is Jill's favorite sushi restaurant and we all enjoyed some delicious food! After that, we headed to In Cahoots, a country line dancing bar! Jill, Katie and I got in for FREE because obviously the BRIDE and then the matron and maid of honor! We had so much fun at this bar!
Everyone got to dance and even though we did not know all the steps, we still looked good! We danced like crazy and everyone definitely noticed us! Around 12:00 we headed back out to our van and drove back to the hotel. We snacked and chatted for a little while longer and then crashed! Once minor detail is that Jill was wearing a pink cowboy hat all evening, and she looked so adorable. However, since we were dancing like crazy, she (and the rest of us) were very sweaty! And the hat died her blonde hair, PINK! Just one strip, but still, kind of stressful...but she will figure it out, it will definitely fade before the wedding! Sunday morning everyone was up bright and early around 8:30 so that we could grab breakfast and then head out and catch our flights! It was such a great weekend and Jill had a blast which is the main point! We are so glad that it went so well and that we were able to shower Jill with gifts and love and attention before her big day.