Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wig Party

Last night was my boss's birthday and he always picks a new theme just to mix it up and make it interesting. Last year was Executives therefore men and women wore business attire and all gathered at The Almond Tree...this year's theme was wigs and everyone gathered at Phat Chads. There was a photographer and good music, pool and lots of friends.
Tadd wore the "Pauly D" wig from Jersey shore and I wore the Katy Perry wig. We had a fun time mingling with friends and listenting and dancing to good music. My bosses wife made him a face cake for his birthday so I am hoping to get a picture of that so I can post it...but I did get one photo of us in our wigs. Maybe a few more pictures will be posted, but I really loved wearing a kind of makes it fun and then I didnt have to do my own hair.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Tadd and I just returned from a lovely 10 day trip to Arizona to spend Christmas with his family. We had such a wonderful time with all his siblings and their kids and his parents. We arrived on the 22nd in the evening and we stayed with Tadd's older brother Nick and his family. The trip is kind of blur because we just relaxed and ate and slept and did all the things that we normally do not get to do when we are home with work and school and everything we did not keep track of time or was great! Some fun events that we did while we were there included...Phil and Brittny were sealed in the Mesa Arizona temple as was their 2 month old son Benjamin. It was such a sweet ceremony and a very special day for them and the family. We were so glad that we were able to be there for that special event. That same day was Katie's birthday which we brought her a cupcake to enjoy from Icing on the Cupcake.

On Christmas Eve, we all headed to the temple to look at the lights that they do every year. They are so beautiful and the temple grounds are always packed for this fun activity. There is always a nativity scene, the 3 wise men and their camels as well as lights all over the grounds and there are also performances throughout the night. We are so grateful for the temple and what great blessings it brings into our life. The lights are a great symbol of our Savior Jesus Christ and the light that he is to the world. That evening we went to Phil and Britt's house for dinner and some family time. Then Christmas Day! The older kids, Sienna and Zaida, opened most of their gifts in the morning before church at 1pm. After church, we came back and hung out a while and prepared dinner prior to the adult presents. We all exchanged gifts and got wonderful things all around. We then enjoyed dinner together as a family. Other fun activities included ping pong, tennis, movie outings, dinner outings, outdoor shopping, spending time with all the babies and spending time with each other. Tadd got a tennis racquet and ping pong paddle for Christmas, so he was able to break those in. We went to see, "We bought a zoo," "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," and the girls saw "Breaking Dawn." We ate at burger joints, sushi spots, steakhouses, and of course at home! Ironically, we did not buy anything while shopping around. We were able to see so many good friends and lots of new additions to families which was really fun! We had such a wonderful time in Arizona and we are going to miss everyone until we see them hopefully sooner this time!