Saturday, January 30, 2010

One Fine Day

Happy Saturday...I am happy to say that I have officially used my new kicks. I have run about 15 miles already.

This fine day, even my hubby ran with me, for all 5 miles. It was a pretty day, blue skies with a few clouds after a rainy evening. Good way to start a Saturday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Kicks

My new fancy shoes...I am planning on running some sort of race in the next few months, maybe a half or a full...we shall see...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bachelor Week 4...

I am a little behind in my Bachelor posting....since I started school on Monday night, I have had to study and work and do homework again! Anyway, I got home from school on Monday night around 9:30pm and my fam had waited so that we could watch it then. Some highlights and low lights simultaneously: I am getting seriously annoyed with how consumed all the girls are, especially my favs (Ali and Tenley) with Vienna. Knock it off and just focus on the prize! Elizabeth was such a seductress and sad that she left, but he was right, their chemistry was lacking. I am so jealous of the group date in the sand dunes. I am going to go sand boarding pronto! How cute were the few scenes with Corrie and Jake and then Tenley and Jake in the sand. I thought those were adorable. Tadd thought the plaid shirts, the motorcycle and a few other things like tossing the rose into the fire are all staged acts so that Jake looks rad. However, they are trying just a little too hard. I do like Jake though, he is very sincere when he says he wants to find his wife! Very sincere! Gia is cute. I do not know if they are right for each other, they seem like they have very different lifestyles, but who knows! Top horses still remain Ali (despite her caddiness) and Tenley because my others are already gone! I refuse to put Vienna in my top even though she will probably make it to the final ceremony....whatever!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

Tadd finished his last night of his last MBA class last night!!!!!!! This is a really big accomplishment. He has been working so hard since August of 2008. We started the program together, however in the end, he finished the 12 course program in less than 18 months. He had to double up on the last five or so classes while working full time and making me happy too! He did an amazing job and worked so hard in every aspect. I am so proud of him and his accomplishment. He is officially Mr. MBA!
As this was a very big deal...I tried to make last night special by giving him a mini graduation (his graduation ceremony is not until September since there is only one a year). Last night he got home around 10:00pm and as he stepped in the door, there were balloons and ribbons hanging from the door in front of him as well as congratulations hanging with balloons. I played Elgar's pomp and circumstance which is the graduation song that is played when you cross the stage I also made an imitation diploma which looks really good! Then we got him a Mrs. Fields cookie cake because he loves those with lots of frosting. So, it was not the whole ceremony, but just wanted him to feel special for his big accomplishment!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Night Extravaganza

Jake really impressed me this evening on the Bachelor. He figured out a lot of good things that I think other people might have overlooked. Michelle, although the drama was entertaining, Jake finally had enough. She totally drained him because she is so high maintenance, even though she made sure to mention that she is not drama and not a crier....but I beg to differ. Then, he totally called out Elizabeth about her games and the kissing tease that she is. And if she would just listen, she would have realized that he could care less about kissing her, but jeez, talk about something else then if you don't want to kiss yet! See ya! Ali surprised me tonight, she was super feisty and I did not like that she was always the one trying to fight with Vienna. I mean, we all understood that Vienna was not liked, but don't keep picking a fight. So, I thought of everyone on the show tonight, I liked Jake the most. A few standout moments were with Ella...she was super classy and pulled together. The comedy thing was pretty stressful. I do not think that I could have done that! But Ali had a super cheesy and funny joke and Ashley drank enough vodka on the rocks in order to say her three blonde jokes...nice! Always enjoy my Monday night entertainment. The competition is getting heated! O ya, and I totally forgot to metion Tinsley. She was super cute when she had to discuss her divorce. I thought she did it very tastfully and came off very mature about the whole thing.

This week...

has seriously flown by...I have been working at my new job and I have been working random hours because we are moving offices. Our new office is fancy. I like it, a lot! But moving has been crazy. Lots of boxes and lots of dental stuff. I had no idea there was that much stuff that was necessary for such small little things in our mouth! (of course, teeth are so important) Anyway, that is pretty much what Tadd and I have been doing for the past week, working! He has been in training and he is liking it, a lot! So, things are good! ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bachelor Week 2

Last night's Bachelor was very eventful! Lots of good things and crazy things! Ali, being my top horse, looked so cute in her yellow dress. She is definitely snagging Jake's attention and they have so much chemistry. They also had a great date and she was so easy going despite Jake's slight awkwardness! There were not many standouts...Elizabeth is kind of a weirdo, but hopefully she keeps those values, because it seemed that she was just tring to tease him, which I guess will keep her around because he is intrigued!I am so glad that Christine went home...or whatever he name was that was freaking out at the photo shoot and then got too drunk to have a normal conversation with him at the end of the date. Also, wow, Rozlyn...sad. At least she left so that her personal life no longer has to be anyone's business! And last thing...Michelle is still crazy! She is so dramatic, but I think we all love that she is still on the show because she adds some seriously interesting commentary and crazy scenes! That is it for now...Go Ali!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday Fun Night

Last night, Tadd and I, along with the padres, Katie and Dennis and Katie's two friends Christina and Jacqueline headed over to Strikes to go bowling. When we got there, it was packed... did you know there are 50 LANES there! So, there was a 60 minute wait, but we put our name on the list and headed to the arcade. About 10 minutes into arcade games, Tadd ran into our lovely friend Carol Falls, our previous bishop's wife, (they actually own Strikes)...who gave Tadd and I a tour of the place...which is enourmous...and then let us use the private 4 lane bowling alley in the is used for big parties, the Kings...and US! It was so awesome. She set us up on two lanes and we got to bowl two games...of GLOW BOWLING! We had a ton of fun...Tadd, Dad and Dennis got the high scores of the night, but the rest of the girls were not far behind. A few of us broke 100 both games!

First Day of...

MY NEW JOB. I started working at a dental office yesterday, and it went really well. I met the other assistant and I had already met the dentist, but I actually witnessed the work and even did some too. I learned about dental insurance...I learned how to bill the insurance company as well as the patient. I cleaned the patient rooms, I cleaned tools and I even developed bitewing xrays! It was a good day and I think this is going to be really fun...And I get to wear scrubs, pretty excited about that.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Bachelor

The new season of the Bachelor just began last night! For the last few seasons, we have had friends come over and we record the show and thoroughly enjoy watching this entertainment every Monday night. As my friend has already posted about this show, I am encouraged to put up my horses from the very first show.
The Bachelor this season is one of the really nice guys from last season who got bumped off because he was "too perfect." Hopefully he will show some other qualities on this show this season...I have high hopes. for my horses...I had a hard time choosing my top four...I know my top two.
Ali gave Jake a peacock feather because it was supposed to find you a mate and she tripped and ripped her dress while speaking with Jake and she was really smooth about that! Tenley got the first impression rose and I think she is just adorable.
Now, for my other two. There is a debate. I like Kathryn and Rozlyn but there are a few things that I think have not been uncovered for the both of them. And I think Kathryn was the one who had a fake fiance, which is weird. I also like Elizabeth from Nebraska or at least I think Jake likes her. But then there is Corrie, Ella and emotional Michelle. Tough decision, but I will go with Kathryn and Elizabeth with Rozlyn as the close #5 possibly moving into #4, okay so I am choosing 5!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Tadd and I wrote out a few resolutions to stick to this year...they include learning spanish, guitar, piano, saving lots of money, getting my young women medallion...and a few others. Wish us luck...we have already been making progress!


First post of 2010...I have not been taking enough pictures over the last few days, so there is not much to post. For New Year's Eve, Tadd and I went over to our BFF's house the Crosbys and we ate pizza and played games, we came home around 11:30pm and watched the ball drop at our house. We then got up around 4:30am to take them to the airport so they could fly to Hawaii! Lucky! Friday we shopped for Tadd and he got some sweet jeans and shoes. Saturday, we lounged, and the fam got back from Tahoe...Sunday we did some more lounging. Our new church time is at 9am...not too bad. Now it is Monday, time is already flying. My sister and her boyfriend have one more week left here and then back to normal life for all of us. Here are a few pics from the last few days!