Friday, October 29, 2010

Post about Posts

I am really slacking on this blogging thing. I promise tomorrow is a catch up day. This is a list of the exciting posts that are in the making!

1. Miami trip last weekend.
2. Halloween Dress Up Day at work
3. Crafts...(completed and in the works)
4. Masquerade Party

Get excited. I am! It should be fun!

Monday, October 25, 2010


I have returned from the long weekend in Miami. We had a lot of fun spending time with family. We were all spoiled to be able to hang out and watch Katie play soccer among other fun things. It was so great to watch her at the top of her game. They won one game and lost the other, but Katie played great in both games. We also were able to enjoy Benihana, Target shopping, a homemade dinner at the Raben's (Katie's bf's parents house)...and lots and lots of hugs and kisses from family. It was a whirlwind weekend filled with lots of fun plans, but it went perfectly. We even got our family photo for Christmas! Back to the grind. Halloween is just around the corner! Pictures of the trip to come!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


In less than 48 hours I will be on a flight to Miami!!! I get to celebrate Katie and her senior game at University of Miami! She is a senior in college, where did the time go? And she starts and she is amazing!!!! It is going to be such a fun weekend. I arrive at 5pm on Thursday and her game is at 7 I think. Then on Friday, Tadd gets in and we all get to hang out all day. Then the same thing Saturday, more fun family time together! Then the same thing on Sunday. O my goodness, so much fun!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Last week I was able to go to an activity for Church and I made jingle and spooky blocks. They are so super cute. I am going to put them up for the holidays. Separate holidays of course. Spooky is up right now! They are so cute and I love doing crafts. It can be so relaxing. I have some great ideas that I am hoping to do this fall season. Get excited!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Avid Reader

I have started and finished the Hunger Game series in one week. I began these books on Wednesday I believe and I have finished all three before Monday begins. To say that I am an avid reader is an understatement. I am more of an addict reader. I cannot move on until the series is done. I get so connected to the characters and what is going to happen next, I just read and read and read until I can no longer read further. I wish there was another book in the series of the Hunger Games. It was a decent ending, but overall a very sad sequence of books. It tried to be happy at the end but after everthing that happened it is a miracle that one ounce of goodness came out of it. Now that they are finished I may need a few days or a week to regroup and determine which book or set of books I will move onto next. I have a few recommendations but I will need to move on from the Hunger Games first.

Hot Pink 5K

This past Saturday, Tadd and I and our friends Jesse and Kristina went out to Old Roseville to support the breast cancer cause and run a Hot Pink 5K. It was super last minute registration, but all went well from beginning to end. We arrived in the brisk morning air around 8am and snagged a great parking spot close to the festivities. We wandered around the streets and ventured into a few tents. Around 8:50am we ligned up behind the big pink balloon arch and stretched to get ready for our big race. 20 minutes later for Tadd and 29 minutes later for me, we finished the 3 mile race. Tadd got 2nd place in his age group, received a medal and was on Fox 40 news at 5:00pm. We recorded it! I ran the whole time...ha. After the race, we headed over to a little breakfast spot to get some hot pink pancakes and chat it up with our friends.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I think this will be the first purchase I make on the Kindle. I have heard good things. I will let you know once they are complete!

Little Black Book

I got his little number yesterday when my Dad and Mom surprised me with it. It is a kindle, and it is little and compact. Perfect for my bag. I am an avid reader. I am always borrowing my Mom's kindle or my Dad's i pad so that I can read the latest book that my Mom has downloaded before they head off to Miami again. I just finished The Happiness Project yesterday (which I started on Monday) because my parents left this morning for their final trip to Miami. It was such a thoughtful gift. He did not even tell me. He told my Mom that since I am always reading and stealing one of their electronic devices to complete my book, he thought it would be a useful gift! I am so lucky. It is just perfect! Now I have my very own and I can read any where at any time and I have access to so many books! Yay for my new lovely kindle.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear Picture Below,
I want to ride my bicycle beneath the trees on that road on a brisk Saturday morning. Maybe I will explore a location like that by me, and take a real picture!

Little Dears

Dear Sun,
You can hide behind the clouds now. Fall is here. The heat can stop now. Thanks though for your determination.

Dear Legs,
Wow you hurt so bad it is crazy. Maybe if I workout consistently you would not be so painful. But I kind of like it so keep up the good work.

Dear School,
I know we have to part for a few months. I will not miss you over the holiday months of October, November and December. We will reunite in the new year if you let me add the classes I need. Fingers crossed.

Dear Leaves,
I am thrilled that you are beginning to change colors. But I wished that you stayed on the branches for the entire fall and winter. But I won't get ahead of myself, I will simply enjoy your beauty while it lasts.

Dear I pod,
This is the first time that I have purchased songs from i tunes and it has changed my workout experience. I hope I do not ruin my budget by purchasing new songs for you.

Dear Bumblebee stamp,
Why are you still on my hand? I know we had a blast at the rollerskating rink, but you can rinse off now. I have pictures to prove you, so maybe once those are posted you can come off.

Dear October 21st,
You can not come soon enough. Miami here I come! Soccer stud #30! Homemade T-Shirt! Get excited!

Dear Ski Resorts,
I wish you were less expensive so that I could go snowboarding every weekend...I may just go to the cabin and go sledding outside to save money.