Saturday, December 27, 2008

DECEMBER 27, 1952

Today is my Dad's birthday!!! We are hanging out today with him and then we are celebrating at one of our favorite restaurants tonight, BENIHANA! My older sister Jill turns 25 on December 30th so we are celebrating them together because my sister has to go back to San Diego on Monday for work...We are excited!

Christmas Events

Updates from the Christmas Holiday...Katie and I went roller skating,the family went to see "Yes Man," which was hilarious and very entertaining. We finished up our holiday shopping the day before Christmas Eve and then Christmas was here! We got up around 9am and started opening presents. Everyone got wonderful gifts and money...thanks to Santa! After gifts, we ate a delicious breakfast and then we lounged around that day, worked out a bit, played some tennis, and then cooked Christmas dinner. Basically another turkey dinner, it was wonderful. Then after dinner, the family played Guestures, and it was hilarious. Tadd, Katie and I were one team, and my parents and my older sister Jill were another team. And my team dominated the other team. My little sister and I had some sort of telepathy thing going on because everything I acted out she basically guessed the first time, it was weird but great! The day after Christmas Tadd and I went out to lunch with my good friends from high school to catch up on everything that they are doing. Then on Friday night the friends and their families all got together at one of the girl's houses to spend some more time catching up. It was great fun! We are definitely enjoying the holiday!

Christmas Holiday

Monday, December 22, 2008

One Big Happy Family 2:30 pacific time, the Oddo+Barnett family reunited. Tadd and I pretended to run errands and went to the airport to pick up the missing piece, my older sister Jil. We all returned home and were so very happy to be together again! My dad was growing out his beard until we were all together again, so once Jill got here we made him shave his face! Now we are all hanging out and planning our next few days together for Christmas. I think the first fun family activity is going to be a movie night tonight! Well, we are very excited to all be together and are very excited for Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Order

I am terrible at posting things in the correct order on the blog...I want the Thanksgiving pictures before the move pictures but I posted one before the other so this is how it is going to stay. Anyway, Thanksgiving at Tadd's house with lots of family and friends was lots of exciting slideshow...CHRISTMAS!

Thanksgiving Photos


We moved....We actually did it! We arrived is freezing cold Granite Bay on Tuesday evening around 6:30pm after two long days of driving. The move actually went very smooth. For the past few weeks Tadd has been to the Uhaul store many times to get boxes, bubble wrap, tape and everything else that you forget you need when you are packing! On Saturday my parents came into Phoenix and on Sunday we started packing. We started around noon and finished around five. It went very well as we had lots of friends there to help us. We left on Monday morning at 8am and headed to Las Vegas. I drove my 4-runner, Tadd drove his truck and my parents drove the UHAUL. We arrived in Vegas around 2:00pm and we had hotel reservations at the Luxor. We got to our room and settled in, cleaned up and ate some dinner. We then went to a show at the Palazzo, The Jersey Boys, which is the story of Franky Valli and the Four Seasons. It was such an entertaining show and we have all the songs stuck in our head still. Some well known songs are, "Sherry, Sherry, Baby," "Walk Like a Man," "O What A Night," "My Eyes Adored You." Anyway, we had a lot of fun! Back to the road on Tuesday morning, we left around 7am and stopped a few times throughout the day for gas and food, but besides that we drove about 11 hours on Tuesday and finally arrived in Sacramento. The pictures below are of the house when we were packing and the other pictures are of our new "house/room" at my parents house. We got everything unpacked and organized within two days and now we are just freezing out buns off since we are not used to anything below 65.

The Move

Under Construction

We have just arrived in Sacramento California, and since we have no friends here and family scattered now, I am going to try and update our blog more frequently. So, our blog is currently under construction while I figure it out. I am proud of myself for already figuring out a new template! yay for me! Besides that, I will get to the rest of it, like pictures and other fun stuff. Get excited!!!