Monday, December 15, 2014

Ten Months

Liam is 10 months old. I know I say this every time but I swear time speeds up when you have kids because this year has flown by as I count each month of my babies life! He is such a joy to be around. He is so fun and smiley and happy and loving. He is so busy and crawling everywhere and exploring everything. This last month has been so fun with all the holidays. Arizona for Thanksgiving was a blast and he had so much fun meeting all his cousins and playing with them. He was so well behaved too! With December upon us, we have decorated the house, put up our tree and ornaments and Liam is very good with the tree. He does like to pull on one ornament quite a bit but he is pretty good. He absolutely loves the tree topper we got. It is a star that is lit up and he just stares at it all the time. He is just fascinated with all the lights. He also likes cords so I am trying to hide all of those with presents, even some empty wrapped boxes, if that is what it takes.

Family Photos

I wanted to snag some photos of the first time professionally...and we just got them back a while ago and we have some real winners!!! Liam is seriously too adorable...I can't even stand it. He had just woken up from a nap so there weren't as many big smiles as we are used to, and he just loves the camera, which totally distracts him from being his normal fun self. He just stares right at the fancy camera, and every now and again you catch him smiling when you do something silly for him! Overall, I was really happy with the pictures and both Tadd and I don't look half bad either. Tadd just lost 20 lbs about in a weight loss challenge so he looks fantastic. And I am in the works, but my face doesn't look half bad. I think I am going to use some of these pictures around our house as well as use them for our very first Christmas card. I am seriously enjoying every new experience as a family of three!!!


This year we had Thanksgiving in Arizona with Tadd's family. It was a full house!!! Now, every sibling in the family has at least one kid (we were the last ones holding out-saving the best for last ;) We were able to stay with his brother and sister in law and their two kids. They always save a room for us...and this year, they had all the goodies that we needed for Liam including a car seat, stroller, and crib. Can you believe that...that saved us some serious packing! We arrived on Wednesday evening and headed straight to Nick's house to get some shut eye before Thanksgiving day. On Thanksgiving we all hung out at the house while the food was cooking. All the kids were hanging together. Dinner turned out really good!We had all the traditional dishes including turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, homemade cranberries and then a few desserts! Yikes... Friday after Thanksgiving we decided to go to a bounce house to burn some holiday calories. We had such a blast jumping around, as did the kids, even Liam had his fair share of bouncing!

Saturday we all went out to breakfast and ate more...I think that is what the Thanksgiving theme is...Eat as much as possible and then go on a diet. The rest of the day Liam and I chilled at the house and took a nice long nap while the rest went to an indoor park with lots of slides and things to climb on. Saturday night we were also able to meet up with Tadd's high school friends and their two kids. We enjoyed some pizza and some quality time catching up.

Sunday we went to church with the family and then headed back to the house for a lighter dinner. Monday was our last day and we ended up eating at Pita Jungle which I miss from Arizona. We also stopped at Ritas for a little treat which was delicious! Then mexican food for dinner before we jammed to the airport for our flight home. We got home around 10pm and everyone was ready for bed...but not before I unpacked and got everything ready for Tuesday (my day off, thankfully). We had a really fun time with all the family and nieces and nephews.