Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

It all started when Tadd and I decided to hit up our local goodwill and find some scrubs for me to wear to school to be a crayon for Halloween! We definitely did not find any matching scrubs, however we did end up with a pretty awesome couple outfit for our Halloween party the Friday before the 31st. Tadd was Nacho Libre, but the casual outfit...and of course I was then encarnacion...if that is even how you spell it! I was the nun that he liked! We had so much fun altering our costumes and making them look great for the party. And the party was a blast. We danced, and we ate, and we danced! Then we watched some comedian and it was hilarious. Tadd and I were rolling with laughter...while others stared at us wondering what we were laughing was seriously a really fun evening. On actual Halloween evening we decided to stay in and order pizza and hand out candy. That lasted about 1 hour for me before I was asleep on the couch and Tadd was handing out candy while I slept soundly through each doorbell ring. I woke up a few hours later and the porch lights were off, the candy was gone and Tadd said it went well. Halloween on a wednesday....apparently I can't keep up with the little ones. Anyway, it was a fun Halloween...and the holiday season begins.


Steph said...

Oh my gosh, you guys have such a cute baby!! ;) Seriously I loved your costumes. So glad we got to see you guys on Halloween.

Kelly and Tadd said...

Ya... Super cute baby... I forgot to mention in the post that it is our awesome friends baby and that her mom made the costume... Minor detail! Thanks for always sharing her with us!