Friday, November 11, 2016

Another Earlybird

Logan Joseph Barnett

Born November 5, 2016
5:00 am 5lbs 12oz 17 inches

Our perfect little bundle of joy joined us early again and in a pretty fun way as well. Last time Liam decided to come when I was as supposed to be at my baby shower, and Logan was no different. My parents and Tadd Liam and I went up to Lake Tahoe and rented this awesome VRBO place for the weekend in Incline. We hadn't been to Tahoe since January so it was the best last weekend hoorah before baby boy came!

Well apparently he had different plans. We got into Tahoe around 5pm and found our awesome rental that had a playground in the backyard that Liam thought was the best thing ever! He immediately went out there and played until it was too dark and cold so we then went to dinner. We went to Mexican at the hacienda just down the street and ate way too much of course before going back to the house to chill for the night. We watched some kid tv, unpacked, relaxed and just sat around feeling nice and lazy before putting Liam to bed. I fell asleep on the couch and then headed to bed with Liam around 11pm. About an hour later, I woke up and felt some fluid so I went to the bathroom and nothing crazy. Back to bed! About 30 minutes later, another weird feeling took me back to the bathroom  and even more fluid.

I then headed to the couch to tell Tadd and then in to tell my mom and Dad. I then called my Dr. and she told me to start driving home because if it was my water breaking, any hospital would not let me leave. So, 12:45am, about 7 hours after arrival, we packed up the car and drove back to Roseville. My parents dropped Tadd and I at home and Liam got his first gift from baby brother so he would go back to sleep at nana and papas!

Tadd and I packed up the car and headed to the hospital. When we got there, they admitted us and we waited to get the confirmation that my water broke again! Sure enough, around 2:30, my nurse called my dr and we were planning for baby boys arrival.Being that baby boy was still breech since confirmation that Thursday before we were then heading into planning for a c-section!! My doctor got to the hospital and came to see me and prep me for the procedure and then it was pretty much go time.

I was pretty nervous considering I had planned on flipping him and having a regular delivery like last time. I was shivering when we headed into the operating room and laid up on that table and they gave me the spinal block which wasn't that painful but super weird as you feel your body go
Tingly and then numb. Tadd was waiting outside while they got everything prepped. Once the drape was up, and everyone was in positin, Tadd came in and they began the procedure. By 5:00am, our baby boy was welcomed into the world! He let out one cry and then chilled while they  did all his exams. I cried as I heard his sweet voice and saw his face. It was so surreal having him out of my belly!

They stitched me up and I went to a recovery area while Tadd stayed with our boy while they checked everything out. His breathing was off a little bit and he had a little heart murmur. But otherwise he was small and healthy. Once they brought him to me, I got to cuddle skin to skin with him while we waited for my numbness to wear off.

We then headed to our post op room where we would stay for the next 3 days! While in recovery Tadd and I decided that we wanted to name him Logan Joseph Barnett, so my dad could
Have his LJ and we wanted to use Joseph for my awesome dad!

In post op it was the same thing on repeat. Check vitals, take drugs, and nurse/cuddle baby. It was nice and relaxing, minus trying to get out of bed with my healing incision. We planned how Liam and Logan would meet and it went pretty close to planned. We had an awesome scooter for Liam and a few other gifts for them to exchange and that part did not dissapiint! Liam was stoked about the scooter and he still loves it! Definitely a good choice of gift for him! Otherwise, he didn't really care about Logan he was just stoked about the goodies, which makes total sense.

As the days wore on in the hospital, Liam warmed up to his baby brother and eventually gave him a kiss. Now that we are home, he is great at being soft and even inviting him to play in his room with him. Liam has been getting lots of attention from nana and papa and mom and Dad and aunties are coming into town and will no doubt give him even more attention, which has made for a great transition for our family!

The first few days home have been pretty good and not too bad of an adjustment, just been to the sr a few times to check jaundice levels and then making sure that I am not overdoing it since I just had surgery less than a week ago.

We are extremely lucky and feeling blessed to have two healthy and amazing boys and are so thankful for family and friends and all the support as we became a family of four! Here is to a wonderful holiday season of 2016 and to spending time with the people that mean most to us!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2nd Baby Bumpdate:: 36 weeks

At 33 weeks, baby was breach...which means buns down, head in one quadrant, feet and hands in the other. At 34 weeks, baby was still breach and no signs of labor on the horizon...good to go on our Babymoon. Now at 36 weeks, this is what it is looking like...

Still breach. Scheduled a version for Friday November 11 to Try and flip him! 

Bumpdate:: 36 weeks 

How far along? 36 weeks 
Weight gain? No comment 
Maternity clothes? Over it all... pajamas 24/7 please.
Sleep? Could be more comfortable. 
Best moment this week? Ultrasound...confirmed position?!
Gender? Boy! 
Movement? Yes. Mostly smaller movements and body parts jutting out of my belly. 
Food cravings? Nada... too much heartburn to crave anything. 
What are you looking forward to? Meeting this nugget! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Capturing moments

I decided not to do official maternity photos this time, however I wanted to try and capture this pregnancy to make sure that this boy feels just as much love before he is born as he will feel after he is born. So on a night that I was already getting ready, I just put a dress on and snapped a few photos in our house...and it just worked out perfectly that Liam was going to a wedding reception with Tadd so my boys looked super handsome! Here is to capturing moments, even 35 weeks pregnant!