Saturday, October 22, 2011

16+ years

Yesterday was a sad day for our family. I know it sounds dramatic, and it pretty much was. We had to put out perfect little cat, Lilly, to sleep after 16+ wonderful years of her in our family! She was seriously the best cat ever. If you are not a cat person, you would have been if you met Lilly. She listened, and she loved and she ate human food. She was so snuggly and so adorable and we are so sad that she will not be meowing in our house anymore. She was getting very old and pretty sick. She had lost a few pounds and was always cold. She had such a great life and we loved her so so much. I don't think that we will ever get another cat because there can never be a cat that can compare to our Lillykins. We got her when we lived in San Diego and we were all in elementary school or younger. She was the best kitty and as she grew up with us, she continued to be the best cat ever!!! She would snuggle on your chest and rub her paw against your face. She would hiss at our dog because she ran the house not the dog. She would lick our creamsicles and eat our salty crackers. She would meow and meow and meow until we gave her deli turkey and then let her out into our garage so she could stay warm on the carpeted stairs. She was seriously the best cat ever, hands down! We will miss her so much. I will post some adorable photos of her as soon as I get a chance. We love our Lillykins and will miss her so much. She is happy now in kitty heaven.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


It has been a little bit longer than I anticipated since I last posted. I thought I would be getting lots of posts in about my schooling, but I don't have as much time as I thought I might. Also, how boring would my blog be if I kept posting about school...o wait, I have been posting about school for the last 3 years. Sorry!

Instead of a post about school, I will post about all the other things I have been up to. Recently, I made a blanket for my niece for Christmas. The picture below is not the actual blanket but brighter and prettier fabric.

Also, I have been assisting my sister in planning her wedding that is next July. I am making a few things to contribute to her wedding. I am making her garter, her hair decoration, a "here comes the bride" sign and then of course as the Maiden of Honor I am planning and throwing her bridal shower. The shower wont be until May I think but we are doing beach and "gelato" theme. (Her name is Jill Oddo, pronounced the same way). A sample flower...but it will have some organza and toule and bling.
I have also been getting ready and excited and prepared for the fall/winter. I have been looking up adorable fall outfits on pinterest. There are so many...and of course that costs money, but I am going to see if I can work some fun outfits with the clothes I already have. Some samples below...

I see if I can get some good pics of outfits that I get to wear this weekend on a fun trip to Berkeley to meet up with my college roommate and her husband! Until next time...