Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Liam is one lucky boy. My parents are his normal babysitters when I work, and they planned a two week trip to the British Virgin Islands. With their absence, it of course required a different babysitter, which of course I don't have...unless you count two fantastic sisters who are willing to fly from San Diego and Florida and give up whatever they are doing to spend time with my baby! They are the best! Liam was so lucky to have them here and get to have a blast with them. We went to the Sacramento zoo, gymnastics, parks, and they let him paint naked with his fingers!

They really are so fun to have here and I love being able to see them with Liam. We even got to go to the mall together and take sunglass pictures and buy me a dress for a wedding I was attending. 

The best part is that they are incredible with Liams diabetes and having to administer insulin and taking blood sugar as well as counting carbs. It is so comforting to know that I didn't have to worry every time I went to work. 

How did we get so lucky!!!


In April, Tadd and I celebrated eight years of marriage. It feels like time is simply flying by and I cannot believe it has already been eight years...I wrote a silly little note reviewing simple things that the last 8 years brought us.

8 Years of Wedded Bliss

7 years in California

6 different jobs combined

5 church callings

4 moves from place to place

3 sets of family photos

2 year old perfect Liam

1....is for another post!

We went to Hawks for dinner and ate way too much food and actually had Liam stay for the first time over at my parents house and we went to bed at like 11pm and woke up at 7am and then went and got our kid back!

Teeny Weeny Tot Soccer

Teeny weeny...isn't that adorable! I signed Liam up for soccer at Maidu just down the street from our house. It was 4 weeks in a row on a Saturday and there were a handful of kids with their parents just running around and pretending we knew what we were doing. We definitely got Liam a full on uniform, and he rocked it every week. He even wore Sambas...which if you know soccer at all, are the epitome of a soccer player, so he was legit, basically. He actually learned quite a few things during the few weeks we played. He learned how to kick, dribble, squish the bug or stop the ball and he loved the dragon games at the end where he got to run around and grab a ball before the dragon got him. Anyway, it was such a blast and I think Liam had a good time too...And I look forward to introducing him to more sports in the near future, uniform for every sport of course, probably shoes too...But isn't that the best part about having kids!!!


On a very windy and rainy day a few weeks ago, instead of heading to the park, we had to find another plan and I just so happened to have a free class to tricks gymnastics. My parents took him there while I got my haircut and once I was done and headed to the gym, they had already signed him up because he had the time of his life for the last hour.

Now, we go to gymnastics every friday and Liam loves the rings, to grab on and swing...he also loves the foam pit as well as the trampoline. His favorite activity is popcorn on the trampoline. He basically just runs around like a 2 year old toddler who is having the time of his life.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

In March, Tadd Liam and I and nana and papa headed down to Monterey to show Liam the aquarium! We drove down on Friday in a rain storm...briefly stopped at the Santa Cruz boardwalk in the freezing wind and then continued onto our house rental for the weekend!

A few memories on the way:: I spilled queso dip on my new sweater from chilis, a big brown spot. Fail.

We stopped at an Entenmanns outlet in hopes of finding crumb cake... They didn't even have donuts, dad was pouting instantly.

Friday night we headed to the cliff house and got a delicious meal despite not being that hungry post chilis queso at 4pm... Liam fell asleep at the restaurant and the rain stopped just for us that evening.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and got ready and headed to the aquarium! It was a perfect day. Sunny but not too warm. We explored the aquarium... Viewing the fish, otters, kelp forest, and of
Course the play areas to keep Liam interested!

Liam's favorite spot was the area where you can play with water... Yes, he got soaked. His entire shirt, shoes and socks... Somehow missed his pants! He had a blast! As the morning wore on, the aquarium got crazy busy and luckily we were just finishing our visit. We snagged Liam a tee shirt and a truck and walked on cannery row. Slowly browsed a few shops and found a lunch spot. Upon our arrival, Liam had already fallen asleep in the stroller!

We had our lunch and decided to head back to the house and relax for a little while as Liam continued his nap.

Around 5 we then headed back down to cannery row and walked a few laps, got Liam a shark toy and then headed to the sardine factory for a delicious dinner!

Sunday morning we packed up and drove to pismo to grab breakfast before doing the 17 mile drive along beautiful beaches, homes and golf courses.

After our drive, it began to rain like crazy again and we headed home. Made a few pit stops along the way in order to entertain Liam and to stretch our legs and then got home and unpacked from the fun weekend! This is definitely something that we will do again when Liam gets older and I think he will like it more and more the older he gets. 

Room Redo

We have been in our house for over two years now. When we moved in, we did lots of updates and paint and crown molding and the list goes on. Everything was in order. And then we lived. For 2 years in the house. And now, everything is not so much in order as it used to be. So...I have been slowly reorganizing and redoing rooms. It started with the kitchen whenwe renovated, everything got a new place and that has maintained its composure. I did re organize the cabinets beside the kitchen table to make reaching snacks and office supplies more functional...and then I did it again just a few weeks ago. I have gotten the itch to reorganize and so it has begun...

We moved Liam into the guest bedroom and now he has a toddler room!!! We got him a bed for his birthday with tractor and truck sheets and seriously loves it. We also got him a step stool so he can climb into bed each night! He has been sleeping really good too! He woke up this morning at 6:45, and that was the first time he woke up!

So now he has a totally redone toddler room with a twin bed, teepee, dresser and toy storage! His closet is still in the works, and the front room will be reorganized by taking a lot of his cars and making them reachable in his closet!

Now heading into the nursery, since Liam is no longer in that room, I took all of his photos off the walls and put them in his room, so I touched up all the paint and reorganized the room and closet hoping that a new baby will be occupying that room in the next year or so!

And of course we don't want to leave out the master bedroom! We decided after 8 years of marriage and two queen mattresses more than 10 years old that we should get a fancy bedframe and King mattress! And so we did. We purged our closets, reorganized our drawers and then of course I wanted to paint! So I did. I painted it blue again, but a softer, brighter blue! And we just bought our new dresser, coming in two weeks! Just a few more finishing touches and the room will be complete.

Family Photos 2016

Last time we took family photos was when Liam was 8 months old, if I am remembering correctly. And now he is 2. We were definitely due for some family photos. It was a perfect Saturday morning at Mahany park where we met our photographer Melissa Babisan. We spend just over 30 minutes trying to get some good family shots and of course Liam woke up with a runny nose and was a little irritable for the pictures, but you would never know, the pictures turned out so good!