Saturday, August 4, 2012

Splashing Summer

I thought things would slow down after Jill’s wedding, but then my birthday came and even more plans were made. My friend Amanda came into town from Arizona with her new boyfriend John and 6 of us headed to Mikuni to enjoy some amazing sushi and good company. We all enjoyed the evening and wrapped it up at Amanda’s parent’s house with ollali pie and ice cream. It was so great to see Amanda and to meet her great boyfriend John, whom we all approve of! Looking forward to seeing more of them!!
Tuesday night the fun continued…My boss Binh and his wife Lexie treated Tadd and I to a lovely dinner at a place called Hawks for my birthday. We had the most amazing 7 course tasting menu there. We had some seriously high class food. It included a watermelon, tomato salad; lobster and noodle macaroni with uni sauce, halibut, tuna, short rip, filet mignon, duck and then panna cotta for dessert! It was so great! We always love spending time with Binh and Lexie and they always spoil us!!!

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