Monday, September 27, 2010

What's In My Bag...

Last week of school special...

Colorful folders which contain the remnants of my papers for my last week of school.
My perfect blue planner. Love to organize!
1 blue pen. 2 mechanical pencils (for the two tests I have this week)
Toothbrush, toothpaste and flosh...I think it explains itself.
Chapstick...a must have.
USB stick...contains my final presentation and other neat documents.
Wallet. I just switched it to black for the fall.
Sunglasses. Yes it is still extremely sunny here even though it is fall.
Goggles for dental class.
Keys. With my gym pass on it. I am committing to the gym for the next 25 days!
Next week, I might have a new bag since I won't be needing lots of these things for a few months anyway. Maybe another what's in my bag special!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I found a recipe the other day and I decided to try it. I did not have all the healthy ingredients but I had all the ingredients in general, so I made them. They are pretty tasty. Here is a before and after picture of the scones. I think I will have to try them again when I have all the ingredients for the healthy kind. But for now, these will do.

Fabulous Fall Find

This weekend I happened to be very busy and got lots of things done. Saturday morning began with cleaning the church building, then getting my eyebrows waxed, then taking my parents to the airport heading to Miami of course. After dropping them at Sac Airport, I headed back with a few stops to make. I went to Freestyle to sell some clothes, and yes, they totally took 3 items. Then I went to Crossroads to see if they would take any of the things that the previous store did not take. And, then did. They took 4 items and I got 1 super cute scarf for the fall/winter season! And of course, since they bought my stuff, I actually got money back after purchasing this adorable scarf. See below! I have so many ideas as to how this scarf is going to look adorable with various outfits. Maybe I will post a few once this heat goes away. Until then, I will enjoy the planning of the outfits.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two Birthdays and A Graduation

This past weekend, Tadd was able to walk across the stage celebrating his MBA completion. His parents came out to share that with him and it just happened to land on his 31st birthday as well. On Thursday night, we were able to celebrate our friend's birthday at Mikuni. Then on Saturday we went to Tadd's graduation in the morning. We then headed home for our celebratory bbq. We had friend's over and we had yummy food that everyone participated in making. We then ate delicious desserts and sang happy birthday to Tadd. I went and picked up my parents that evening as they are back for one week before heading back out to Miami. On sunday, Kirk, Sharon, Tadd and I went to church and then came back and ate brunch. We lounged around and then had dinner before headingn to the airport to send his parents back to Arizona. We are so happy that they were able to come to Tadd to celebrate Tadd and his accomplishments.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekend Wonders

A list of the fabulous things that are happening this weekend...
1. In laws are coming to town.
2. Tadd graduates at Arco Arena with his MBA.
3. Tadd's Birthday is on Saturday...31 wonderful years!
4. BBQ for friends and family to celebrate Tadd!
5. Mom and Dad come back from Miami to stop in before heading back!
6. Sunday dinner with both sets of parents!
Get excited for pictures to come!

Mikuni and Seven

Tonight for a friend's birthday, we went to Mikuni Sushi. Amazing! It was super good, like always. Now that it is a new week for school, I only have 7 days of evening school left. Can you believe it!!! Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Mon, Tue, Wed!!! That is it. Of course it is in two different weeks...Yay for seven and Mikuni!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Ya thats right...fourteen days until I am done with my dental assisting night classes. I will still have to do my extern but that is just working...and it is during the day! I started January 25th and it is already September...I will let you know when I am done done. Or you can keep track of my 14 remaining days!

I don't think I get a neat badge like this, but maybe I will make one or something!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


On saturday, we headed over to our friend's house, Lacey and Ryan and we all went down to the Oakland A's game. They were playing the Los Angeles Angels and the game was at 1:00pm. We got to the Colliseum around 11am, which was perfect because it gave us time to hang outside and tailgate and eat some yummy food before heading into the suite that our friends had. Tadd played football with the kids that were there and I sat around and chatted. After tailgaiting, we headed into the stadium. When we got to our suite, we kicked back and watched warm ups.

The A's won the game. There were a few great catches, a home run, a few pickles and lots of fun. We had a lot of fun going to the game, especially because it was a first for both of us to go to an A's game since we have lived here. Thanks Lacey and Ryan for inviting us to come!!!

Cookie Wars

Tadd and I baked three different kinds of cookies on Friday night for an outing that we went to on Saturday. Tadd baked Peanut Butter Kisses, and chocolate chip, while I baked Ginger Snaps. We were not actually participating in a war at all but we had a fun time baking lots and lots of cookies on a Friday night. The best part of course, enjoying the dough, and then the cookies on Saturday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My pearly white 4 runner and I have reached a big milestone toay! We have reached 100,000 miles. I know this sounds silly, but I love my I would rather have my 4-runner over any other car. I am scared that I am going to have to find a new car to love, but not until this beauty of a 4 runner takes its last breath of gas. Until then, happy 100,000 mile birthday to my car and I.