Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baby Boy and Bow Ties

My friend Devon is having a baby in September so in order to prepare we threw her a baby shower! We are so excited for Devon and Jesse to have their second baby and it is even a boy…as they already have an adorable 5 year old girl! The décor turned out so good and my friend Amber and I decided on the theme, however she completely decorated her house and made it look so great. We made bow ties to add to lamps and other décor around the house to add to the theme. There were mason jars with bow ties, chevron printed tablecloths, a 3 tier bow tie cake and delicious food including chicken skewers, pasta salad, fruit salad, chocolate covered strawberries and donuts! We played some fun games like guess the candy bar that is melted in the diaper and the price is right for baby products. Then Devon was able to open all her presents and she got some adorable clothes and some other handy gifts that will prepare her for her little man! We are so excited for their little baby boy to arrive!

Splashing Summer

I thought things would slow down after Jill’s wedding, but then my birthday came and even more plans were made. My friend Amanda came into town from Arizona with her new boyfriend John and 6 of us headed to Mikuni to enjoy some amazing sushi and good company. We all enjoyed the evening and wrapped it up at Amanda’s parent’s house with ollali pie and ice cream. It was so great to see Amanda and to meet her great boyfriend John, whom we all approve of! Looking forward to seeing more of them!!
Tuesday night the fun continued…My boss Binh and his wife Lexie treated Tadd and I to a lovely dinner at a place called Hawks for my birthday. We had the most amazing 7 course tasting menu there. We had some seriously high class food. It included a watermelon, tomato salad; lobster and noodle macaroni with uni sauce, halibut, tuna, short rip, filet mignon, duck and then panna cotta for dessert! It was so great! We always love spending time with Binh and Lexie and they always spoil us!!!

A New Balance

With some birthday money I received I bought some new runners. My first pair of new balance shoes. They are white with pink and silver, nice and light, affordable and very comfy! Took the kicks on a first run a few days ago and 4 miles later I felt pretty good. Despite my red face and the 90 degree temperature, I would call it a success. Love the “New Balance!”

26 years and Otter Pops

Friday July 27th I celebrated my 26th birthday. I was at school for most of the day and my friends baked me a delicious cake with big colorful candles and everything! After school, I got home and opened all my birthday cards and enjoyed lots of kind words as well as a few gifts. My mom and I then headed to sports authority to purchase some running shoes. Then we headed to the store to pick up some last minute BBQ food for Saturday. Then I fell asleep for the rest of the evening. Saturday arrived and I worked in the morning, then cam e home and prepped for friends to join me for my pool party. Some friends from school came and got me a spa gift which is the perfect gift. Some other friends joined as well. We played pickleball, snacked, dove for rings in the pool and ate hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch. The hit of the afternoon however were the otter pops!!!
I think it has been 10+ years since I enjoyed a delicious otter pop and I think from everyone’s reaction it had been that long for them too! After some more lounging we ate ice cream cake with gold medal ribbon inside. The numbers began to dwindle and the remaining people played PIG on the basketball court. Everyone headed out around 5pm and the last couple remained. The four of us decided to go see the Black Knight Rises. More junk food later, the movie was thoroughly entertaining but I was definitely ready for bed. I hit the pillow around 12:15am and did not budge until 8:30am the following morning. It was a fun filled birthday weekend and there are more gifts coming. The gift that Tadd got me is set to arrive on August 10th and it is so thoughtful and he really spent a lot of time to make it perfect. Tadd used our blog and gathered the posts as well as the photos from 2008-2009 and made an online book that is being shipped here! I am so excited to see the final product when it arrives and how much hard work went into the production of it. This is going to be the start of our bound blog collection for our coffee table…so we can reminisce and share all of our memories.