Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Birthday...and my 18 month old baby.

In July I celebrated my 29th birthday! This year for some reason I did not feel like it was that big of a deal, and maybe I am just growing out of big celebrations as I get closer to the big 3-0. Anyway, Tadd did a great job for my birthday and made me a delicious fruit platter for dinner because I had a huge lunch...he also got me a card, a movie and some money! It was very thoughtful as he picked the movie that we first saw together when we started dating, and then he even let me have some extra spending money so I could buy something I wanted...I'm still contemplating what to get. I did get some nice cards from my family as well and a little extra spending money to top it off. My family also took me out to Benihana which seems to have been the tradition for many years as it is one of my favorite spots, and it never disappoints. Along the same lines of getting older, Liam is 18  months old! When you turn 18 months in our church you are able to go to nursery which is where all the kids hang out when the parents are in additional classes. Liam loved nursery! He has been a total of 3 times, but 2 of those times I stayed the whole time. He did not need me. Or even shed a tear, but I think everything is harder on the parent. Anyway, he is happy as can be in nursery on Sundays and I am so happy to see him play nice with all the kids his age. He truly is a great boy!

Kitchen pictures before

Summer weekend in Tahoe

We decided to take Liam and ourselves up to Tahoe for a nice relaxing weekend of hiking, biking and swimming. It was absolutely beautiful up there and the weather was perfect. We got into Squaw on Friday afternoon and walked around and played on this new turf they put down with soccer nets, shuffleboard and a big chess board. Liam got to play with all of the above. We then grabbed some lunch before heading up to our rooms for a nap. During nap time my mom and I were lucky enough to get massages! It is always a treat and so relaxing to get a massage especially while on vacation! We then decided to go swimming and try out the slide which was a total hit! Liam loved it so much and he was cracking up the whole way down and loves splashing around in the pool. Squaw also has a big sandbox with toys in it, which Liam also loved!
 We then grabbed dinner and headed back to the hotel and called it a night. Then Saturday we decided to drive into Tahoe City to try out some bike riding! We were all so excited...Liam, not so much. He did like wearing a helmet, or having his feet restricted in velcro straps...so overall it was not as fun as planned. We only rode for about 20 minutes because Liam was over it. But on the way back we were able to stop at a park and Liam was back to his happy self in no time. We then walked our bikes back to the shop so that Liam would not have to be restrained. After bike riding, we decided Liam is more of a water baby than a wheel baby, so we went back to the resort and grabbed some lunch and a nap before heading back to the water! We must have gone on the slide 50 times and he loved it every time! More sand play time and he even got pretty independent in the kiddy pool since it was shallow enough for him to walk from end to end.

Saturday night we went decided to order pizza and eat it in our hotel room and enjoy some downtime, because that is what vacation is all about. We then hit the sack. Sunday morning, we took our time and packed up and ate breakfast and then headed into Truckee. We walked around and shopped a little bit and got Liam a really cute tshirt that says California grown! We then ate lunch, which was kind of a disappointment, but it didnt matter because we had a great weekend. That was the end of the weekend and we headed back to Sacramento and already wished we were back in the cool and calm Lake Tahoe.