Sunday, September 28, 2014

More firsts completed

Liam met his other great grandma a few weeks ago! Great Grandma Dorothy and great aunt Sue and uncle Tim. The very first great grandchild on my moms side! They were in town for a week and we got to spend some quality time together through out the week. We played and all stopped and stared at Liam most of the day! We even went to old town Sacramento and had Liam try his first lollipop and grabbed some lunch! It was a fun week with family in town!

Another fun activity we have been doing is swim lessons! I signed us up for parent-tot swim lessons at swim otter swim! It is a four week program and we get to do fun water activities  for 30 minutes every Friday morning! It has seriously been so fun! Liam has just as much fun as I do too, I think. He splashes like crazy and smiles and never cries! He looks around and doesn't even mind going under water! 

Other fun (kinda) firsts- trying new foods like squash, guacamole, and yogurt! He loves food! And he opens wide when he is ready for his next bite! 

He is scooting/crawling- he can get from point A to point B. Not necessarily knee and opposite hand but belly and knees and feet, anyway he can, he will get to his final goal! It is adorable and so fun to watch him get where he wants to be! 

He is also so energetic! He jumps and rolls and hollers for attention! He loves people! He is a smiling machine! The cutest little face I've ever seen!!!!! 

We love our perfect little Liam! Don't know what we did without him!

7 months old

My 5lb 4oz newborn is 7 months old now! And probably like 20 lbs!!! He smiles like crazy! He is scooting around and can pull himself in circles. He loves to cuddle and loves kisses or just slobbering on your face! He loves his jumper and any toy he can grab and slobber on! He is getting more and more hair and it is kind of curling in the back. He is really learning to use his fingers individually...and he will watch his hands sometimes just to see what they can do! Liam loves being outside. He is so calm when we go on walks or just hang outside. Liam has brought so much happiness to our family, don't know what we did without him!!! Love our little nugget!