Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hurricane for Life

We just returned from Miami Florida and my little sister's graduation from University of Miami! 4 years came and went and she got to walk acorss the stage and get her diploma and experience the great sense of accomplishment from completing her Bachelors of Education in Sports Management. We arrived late Thursday night and headed to our hotel with our family. Tadd and I stayed in room 1514 and Jill stayed in room 1312 and she made the funniest comment. She looked so adorable and she said, "I feel like I am on a vacation on my own." We were dying laughing... we all hit the sack around midnight. Friday morning we woke up bright and early and got a little exercise in before grabbing some breakfast and heading to the graduation ceremony. We got there a little early so Katie could get in line and prepare for her moment of glory! The ceremony lasted about 2 hours and it was nice. After the ceremony, we all headed to California Pizza Kitchen for a late lunch.

After lunch, we headed back to Grandma's house and took a nap, lounged, and just hung out. Saturday morning, we started the same way...exercise and breakfast. We then decided to hit the beach. We only had a few hours but it was such a nice day, that we were able to get onto the sand, soak up some rays and even get in the water. It was 73 degrees and you could walk for a long while and still not get get entirely wet. After the beach, we also jumped in the pool which was also extremely refreshing! We then all got ready for 5:00pm dinner with my Grandma Bella, and aunts and uncles at Macaroni Grill. After our early dinner, we went home and enjoyed a Congratulations cake for Katester.

Sunday came around so quick and Katie, Mom and Dad hit the road early to start their drive back to California. Jill, Tadd and I had lunch with more family and then headed to the airport. And before we knew it, the fun family weekend came to an end!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arizona in May

We just got back from a super fun trip to Arizona. We arrived late Thursday night and were picked up by Kirk and Sharon and headed back to the house to get some rest for our full weekend. On Friday, we woke up and got a little bit of exercise in before heading off to LGO. (Le Grande Orange...our favorite breakfast spot). We met up with Nick and Alyssa and little Ava. This was our first time meeting our little niece. She is soooo cute. These pictures do not do her justice.

After our delicious breakfast we decided to head to the mall to hang out in the air conditioning since it was 98 degrees over the weekend! We dawdled around and found some expensive things that we liked but did not buy. After the mall, we all headed back to relax and get ready for the evening. We decided to eat dinner at Charlestons. We all enjoyed each others company and had a yummy dinner. After dinner, we all hung out at the parents house and chatted. On Saturday, we woke up and relaxed. We visited Tadd's condo that is rented out and I got to lay out in the beautiful sun, in my amazing new bathingsuit! After our morning, we went down to Awhatukee to spend some extra time with Nick and Alyssa and Ava. Alyssa and I got a lovely pedicure that was so relaxing and some nice girl time. The 5 of us then went out to sushi before eating some zoyo yogurt with our friends Fred and Chana.

After a late Saturday night, we arose early for Sunday and Mother's Day! Sharon made some delicious apple donuts and Tadd made the big surprise and bacon for our tasty breakfast! We all got ready for church which was at 1:00pm. Nick and Alyssa blessed baby Ava Jo and headed home after sacrament meeting. We spent some extra family time together before enjoying Alyssa's amazing enchiladas that she made for the 8 of us. The enchiladas were complimented with some great side dishes from Sharon. Then we enjoyed a slice of cherry pie! We then flew back home and got in pretty late...but it was a great trip and can't wait to see everyone again.