Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday Night...

On Friday night, the four of us headed to Wheatland for the Tim McGraw concert along with Lady Antebellum and Love and Theft. It was PACKED!!! The lawn was full of people and there was not a single piece of grass left to be taken. It was nice weather, thankfully, and we were able to get into the concert just in time to get our spot and relax before Love and Theft got on stage. They sang a few of their hits as well as a song that Martina McBride sings that they wrote. They were great! Lady Antebellum was also amazing. I predicted their first song and from there, they just continued to play all my favorites. I hope that they have a concert on their own that I can go to next.

Of course, the main event was Tim McGraw. I must admit he was good. He is darn good looking, and he wore some seriously tight jeans and a nice vneck shirt. He did a great job...he sang so many great songs. I forgot how many good ones he has. Overall, it was such a fun evening. We left a few songs early so that we could try and leave before we hit serious traffic and thank goodness we did. We made it home around midnight and hit the sack so that I could go on my long run Saturday morning, in preparation for my half marathon that is this coming weekend!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Tonight. Me. Tadd. Katie. Mom. Tim McGraw. Lady Antebellum. Excited.

We will be singing along & will take lots of picture! I am stoked!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roses and Horses

The Bachelorette has begun...and here goes the first post of my tops horses for this season. A few comments before the top 5 are posted. Ali is super cute and I like that she laughs a lot. I would have liked to have seen her in a yellow or blue or red dress, but she chose black instead. No big deal. A lot of the guys are pretty dorky, however, I do enjoy dorky and they are cute too so it is a workable combination. She was smitten for Roberto immediately. "Shooter" is an idiot...that story he told, was horrible. Get rid of the nickname and never tell that story again! Rated-R and Craig with the hair, already not big fans of you two. Moving on...Top 5 are...actually right now I am going to say 6 because a few are tied. Next week I will probably narrow it down to four.
Roberto. He got the first impression rose and you can tell that she likes him.

Chris H...I just like him.

Chris L...Seems like he is close to his family.

Frank...I loved how he jumped out of the limo. Totally cute and a little dorky.

Kirk...Did he make the scrapbook. Cheesy but I liked it.

Jesse...He made her that cute heart.

That is all for now. Until next week, on the Bachelorette. (did that sound like the host...nice)

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Weekend

Going into the weekend, we did not have any plans...and then...we made lots of plans. Friday night we headed out to Raley Field to watch a Rivercats game in Tadd's office suite with his coworkers from University of Phoenix. They definitely did not win however we did enjoy the company and maybe some ballpark food.

Saturday came around...and Lauren and I ran 12 miles!!! I know. Crazy. It is officially a countdown to our half marathon race on June 6, 2010 in San Diego. We did pretty good on our 12 pictures included of our salty selves after completing that run. After that...I took a nap. Then, Lauren and Brian, Tadd and I headed to Mikuni for dinner. YUM. We got like 5 rolls and they were all delicious! Plus some flamin' shrooms for an appetizer and of course mochi ice cream balls at the end.

Tadd and I finished out our Saturday night with Iron Man 2 which was really good and entertaining. We headed home and hit the sack to get ready for the Sabbath. We went to church at 9am and had really good meetings...then we headed over to Beach Hut Deli to hang out with Lauren and Brian again and support Brian and his Sharks for the 4th game of the playoff series versus the Chicago Blackhawks.
Sadly, they lost and the series is over. After that, we got ready to head back over to Lauren's parents' house for Lauren's brother's birthday BBQ. Lots of good friends and food, of course. We got to hang out with everyone and chat. We got home around 11 and once again, straight to bed. It turned out to be a super busy and fun filled weekend despite the planless Friday we started with.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Up & Coming

Some exciting events that are occurring in the next few weeks and months...that I am looking forward to. Just to fill you in...

May 27, 2010- My little sister, Katie, returns from school to hang out in Cali for a few weeks before she goes back for summer school and her last year at college

June 6, 2010- San Diego Rock N' Roll Half Marathon. I get to hang out with my two sisters and my hubby and all my high school friends. It will be grand!

July 10- Tahoe trip with friends from Arizona. Pretty weather and fun activities here we come!

July 27- My 24th Birthday!!!

July 29-31- Laguna Niguel for Brittny's wedding!!!

This is only through July...There are even more things to look forward to after this. There will be another up and coming post in the future! Get excited!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today, my mom, Tadd and I are heading to the exzibit Bodies Revealed in Sacramento. We bought the tickets last week and have prepared to attend and we are really excited. It is supposed to be fascinating. Hopefully it will help me with my Anatomy and Physiology classes that I have to take in the fall. It should be very interesting and neat to see the body without the layers of skin covering the muscles etc.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


The other day I posted a picture of a daily calendar that had a few questions for me to ask my mom...I asked her on Mother's Day. Her favorite magazine is Health...

Her favorite flower is a yellow rose.
Her favorite fragrance is Vera Wang Princess...I got it for her for Christmas a few years ago (she gave me a hint)...and she still loves it.
Her favorite dessert...she does not necessarily have one...but she does love chocolate..anything chocolate really.
Fun facts about Mom. Gotta Love her!

25 Things

1. I have incredibly sensitive skin…like I get a rash just because. (this just happened the other day and I still don’t know what caused the rash)
2. I don’t like condiments. Seriously. I don’t like ketchup, mustard, relish, fry sauce…you name it, I probably won’t put it on my food. Some think I am plain. I just don’t like sauciness.
3. I have never broken a bone or really anything. Just rolled ankles and pulled muscles…pretty good for lots of years of sports.
4. I love school. I am pretty good at it. I could be a lifelong student…or learner.
5. I have a shoe obsession. In high school, it was tennis shoes. Then it was pumps. Now it is wedges! It is bad…and expensive, but I love it.
6. I had a bowl cut when I was in 4th grade. The biggest tomboy you will ever meet. Now, not so much, but I don’t think I will ever live down those days with the haircut I had.
7. I met my husband in Salsa class, and I think it is the best story ever…we are trying to brush up on our moves again right now (and , no we did not Salsa at our wedding, we had lost our skill)
8. I want 4 kids. I am really good at boy’s names and Tadd is really good at girl’s names. Good combo. But I don’t want to find out the sex until after they are born.
9. I have run a half marathon and I am going to be running another one in 3 weeks. Wish me luck, my training is severely lacking at this point.
10. I love my blue planner. It is super cute and I highlight my daily tasks in coordinating colors.
11. I am obsessive compulsive slightly. I am constantly doing laundry, vacuuming, organizing, and re cleaning. I do enjoy it though. I know, weird.
12. I can fall asleep any time of day…and sleep for too long. 5 minutes in the car…asleep. 5 minutes on the couch…asleep. It is like a sickness, I try not to sleep, and I am still working on it. I can still function; I just like to sleep…a lot.
13. I want to play piano. I have taken lessons as a child and again as a young adult and I still can’t play. I am going to take lessons again, soon. And someday I will be good!
14. My feet sweat when I am nervous and not wearing socks and then my hands sweat. Don’t worry you don’t have to hold my hand 
15. I studied abroad in Australia. I graduated before I went and when I got back I was done with school and planning my wedding. It was fun!
16. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. I kind of feel like Belle because I really like to read…and I have memorized all the songs in the movie. Bonjour, bonjour….
17. I really like the color purple. My running shoes are purple and I have a matching pair of running shorts. It is my favorite running outfit.
18. My favorite jamba juice is Orange Dream Machine and I think I get it every time.
19. I made my dad the coolest quilt ever. It was my first sewing project. And I used his soccer shirts. He cried when he got it for Christmas. Best gift given ever!
20. I love watching sharks and alligators on TV because I am petrified of them in real life.
21. I LOVE my 4 runner. I never want to get rid of it. Never. Ever. Love It!
22. I could live on watermelon. It is delicious. And I am eating it right now!
23. I have a dental implant. (I am going to be a hygienist…so this is pertinent.) This is kind of a big deal…I did not have a permanent tooth and so I have a post with a crown. I am proud of it.
24. Target has everything you ever need. I could go there daily. And spend too much money on random knick knacks that are super cute. But I don’t. But I do love Target.
25. I wish I was craftier. I know it is in me, it will come out some day. I watch all of my friends and their creativity. I am still working on it. I will just glean from my inspired friends for as long as I need.

Mothers Day

Last night, my friend Jen had a fun party at her house to celebrate Mothers. I am so glad that she is such a wonderful planner and for the 48 hours that she was home, she planned an awesome party with wonderful company and amazing food. Some pictures from last night.

This morning I made a special attempt at making my mom her morning cup of coffee and brining her the paper. She usually likes to enjoy that before she eats since she is not very hungry upon waking up.
We are now making brunch as we have returned from Church and now it is time to spoil mom and have her enjoy HER day!!! We love our Mom's!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Bible & Dentistry

I went to my old dental office today to observe the hygienist and I thought this frame was awesome. Psalms 81:10 "Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it."

Newport Beach Weekend

On Thursday evening around 7pm we left Sacramento and started driving to Newport. A long 8 hour drive...that was scheduled to end around 2am...did not actually end until about 3:30am. We got a little lost right at the very end of the drive and frustratingly made it to the house to get a few hours of shut eye before the family was up and about to start their Friday. Friday morning Tadd, Nick and Kirk had to head to the rehearsal in Temecula (2 hour drive) and then back. The rest of the family got to lounge around, go running, eat breakfast and hang out for the morning. Here are a few pics of the morning.

Kirk and Tyler on the Harbor Cruise for the rehearsal dinner

Nick and Sienna walking around Newport Pier while we were getting hamburgers for lunch.

Brittny and her fiance Phil outside of the house we stayed at.

Zaida...who is such a peanut and so stinkin cute!

Sienna, Zaida's older sister being cute!
More photos from the Harbor Cruise that we were able to go on for the rehearsal dinner. Tadd was going to be an usher and of course we are all on the Barnett side of the family so we got to enjoy the yacht ride and yummy food and good company.

Tadd and I on the Harbor Cruise.

Tara and her now husband Russ thanking everyone for coming that night!

Phil, Britt and Sharon relaxing inside the yacht.

Tadd and Russ enjoying lasagna, pasta salad and garlic bread for dinner.

Tadd and (the bride/half sister) Tara

Once Friday ended and Saturday arrived, we planned our day around the wedding because we had to get 9 adults showered and ready as well as two kids with two bathrooms. We hung out most of the day, walked around the pier, the beach, but mostly just relaxed before getting ready for the wedding around 2pm. We had to leave relatively early since it was about 90 minutes away. We headed out around 1:45pm and arrived at 3:30pm so that Tadd and Nick could perform their duties as Ushers. We got front row seats to the are a few pics...

More pics from the wedding...

Sunday morning we were able to go on a quick run and then have Jill come visit since she lives in SD just about 90 minutes away. We were able to walk along the beach to the pier and grab lunch and then walk back and head home. It was short and sweet to see her. Phil and Brittny also joined us which was nice so that we could get to know Phil and spend time with Brittny. We will be heading to Laguna in about two months for their wedding. We are excited to see the family again then!