Thursday, July 28, 2011

25 years

Yesterday, on July 27, 2011 I turned 25! This is totally a big birthday or at least it seems like it anyway. I am no longer in my early 20's and when you tell someone, they don't say, "O, you are so young!" Owell, I will have to get over it. Anyway, I had a lovely birthday. It started out bright and early at the gym with my sis. We had a nice workout, to earn all of our calories for the big day! Ha! After the gym, I headed to my 6 hour long physiology class. I know, brutal! I stopped and got Jamba Juice and then arrived to a little picture with a lovely See's candy bordeaux! If you have not had a bordeaux, you need to immediately! Then I sat through a few hours of lecture and then around 12:45 my friend from class surprised me with a cake that she had decorated. It was so sweet! After physiology class, I headed back to the house and relaxed a bit, did some homework and organizing and got ready for our dinner at Ruth Chris. We headed over there around 7:45pm and were all seated ready to enjoy our delicious dinner! We all ordered steak and lots of sides along with salads and dessert. We had such a great dinner and it was so much fun to be together as a family on my birthday! Since we got dessert with dinner, we did not end up eating the beautiful cupcakes that my mom picked up from icing on the cupcake, so we just have to eat them one day later!

At dinner, I opened a gift from the family and they got me a manicure and a pedicure which I absolutely love! You can never go wrong with that wonderful gift. Also, I thought I wanted a white Michael Kors watch for my birthday this year, however, one day my mom and I went to the mall and I found a pair of brown wedge boots that I had been looking for since last I had to have them, and we split them for my birthday present...or so I thought. It turns out, that my boss got me the Michael Kors watch, the exact one I wanted, and my amazing husband bought me a sewing machine and sewing machine table to go with it. He always, always, surprises me on my birthday. I always think that he is not going to and then of course and always goes above and beyond and blows me away with the gifts that he gives me. I had such a wonderful birthday.

P.S. Thank you to all my family and friends that called, texted, emailed and sent cards. It feels so good to know how much I am loved. Thanks again!!! I love you guys!!!
P.S.S. There are more pictures, I just have not gotten them from my family's cameras yet. So, I will post more before the weekend. Pics of my watch, my sewing machine, my boots, and family photos from the restuarant.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Last weekend, Tadd and I headed down to Elk Grove to attend my high school friend's engagement party!!! It is so exciting when my friend's get engaged because then I get to attend all their fun activities and then of course witness their wedding! We got to her in-laws to be house on Saturday night and we met her fiance, Mr. John Foster. He seems like a really great guy and a really good match for her. p.s. her name is Erica!!! Then as the evening continued, we were able to relax, enjoy good food and good friends. We did not get as much time with the bride and groom but they are always required to make their rounds and talk to everyone. The backyard that it was hosted in was beautiful and the weather was great. I got a few pictures, which is better than nothing. Now next weekend, we are heading down to Newport for Tara's baby shower. We should get down there late friday night into saturday morning and we are super excited to spend time with Tara and hopefully Russ for a little and get excited for little Hannah to arrive!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Plans

As of right now, Tadd and I have lots of weekend plans...and even though there is technically no such thing as "summer" when you live in the real world...summer always ends up busier than the rest of the year. Right now I have 2 weeks left of my anatomy summer course. Then after that I have 6 weeks of physiology. Now to the fun stuff... We may head up to Tahoe in the next few weeks, then my friends engagement party is the following weekend, then at the end of the month we are heading to Newport for Tara's baby shower. My birthday is also at the end of the month!!! Moving into August, we are heading down to San Diego for my friend's bachelorette and to hang out wit friends that live there. Then Tadd's family is coming up and we are going to Tahoe for a long weekend. Lots of fun weekend plans up and coming...I will post pictures as soon as they come and go.

4th of July Weekend

4th of July weekend we were busy bees. On Friday night Jill's boyfriend came into town and we all hung out, barbequed and then grabbed some yogurt. On Saturday, Mom and Dad and Jill and Wes all took off for the long weekend and Tadd and I decided to hang around and have some fun in the sun here in Granite Bay. Later on Saturday, our friends Brian and Lauren came over and we played pickleball, went swimming, watched Lie to Me (a show that they just got us hooked on) and had a really fun day in the sun. Sunday morning we slept in a little bit and then headed to church. We had good lessons and then headed home for a little more rest. We then decided to go out to donuts at 12:01am with some of the young men and women since we had monday off. Tadd and I then slept over at our friends house, the Sewells...they have a guest house with couches. We then woke up bright and early, 7:30am to go out on Folsom Lake with the Sewells and get some tubing in before the lake got super busy for the 4th. We all had lots of fun and Tadd is amazing at tubing.

We got off the lake around 9:30 and the lake was definitely filling up by then. We then headed back to the house and prepared for our BBQ with friends. Around 1:00pm, about 10 people came over and we played in the pool and hung outside for the rest of the day. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs as well as all the classic barbeque food. Chips, soda, fruit salad, and lots of festive dessert.

We were planning on going to see fireworks but I was way too tired and had to study for my test the next day. Overall it was a great weekend. We got lots of sun, had lots of fun with friends, and of course needed one more day to recover from the long weekend. But it is already Thursday, which means that it is almost the weekend again.