Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Week

As you should be expecting...posts from Christmas week and pictures of course. On Monday, my sister Katie arrived and I had lunch with my friends Aubrey and Jex at La Bou. It was really great to see them. We lounged in the afternooon until Tadd's family arrived around 10pm. This started the festivities. Tuesday morning, Tadd had to go to work, for his second day on the job! I took the family to the mall and we did some last minute shopping before we headed up to Tahoe. Tuesday night we all went to dinner except Tadd had to go to his third week of his final class in his MBA...he is so close and he wants to get an A! Then Wednesday around 12pm we headed up to the snow. We arrived around 2pm and unpacked. Then the girls headed to the store to stock the fridge for the week and then we relaxed before heading to dinner at Hacienda mexican restaurant.

Christmas Eve came and we headed to the slopes. We stayed at my parent's cabin in Incline Village and there is a ski resort about 5 minutes away which is called Diamond Peak, so we decided to go to that mountain because it was super convenient and the cheapest for $49 for a full day. Nick and Brit skiied and Tadd and I snowboarded while Kirk and Sharon took a stroll in Incline Village and shopped around.

It was such a pretty day on the slopes. We got a full day in. Tadd got to snowboard for most of the day and then for the last hour Nick and I relaxed and Tadd and Brit skiied together for the last hour. We then arrived home after a long day and Sharon had cooked a great soup for us to enjoy. We played games and watched movies. We then went and saw the movie Avatar...which was totally awesome and we loved it! It was long, but I was engaged the entire time. Good movie!
Now Friday...that is Christmas Day of course!!! We woke up and had a scrumptions breakfast with eggs and sausage and cinnamon rolls and orange juice. After breakfast we moved things around, got some pictures and then started opening presents.

Tadd and I got totally spoiled this Christmas. Tadd got shoes and socks and a few books and a couple of shirts. I got a robe, a super cute red travel bag, christmas decorations, socks, a shirt...I can't even remember...we did good. Got lots of great stuff! As did the rest of the fam. Lots of shoes, clothes, jewelry, purses and gifts all around. It was lots of fun! Then we had a big feast for dinner. We had honey baked ham and corn and vegetables and crescent rolls with sparkling cider, mmmmm!!!
Now Saturday, we thought about going skiing again however decided to visit Squaw Valley Resort and make candles and shop around. We ate at a pizza buffet and then walked it off before heading home. It was super chilly out, so we did not last long out in the cold.

After Squaw, we went was great fun! Our first game was not that bad, I was the lowest scorer and Tadd was the highest. Then the second game was a different story. Everyone got at least one strike that game and everyone broke 100. Apparently we just needed a warm up round.

After bowling, we headed to the store again to get a few other things such as milk and eggs and then rented Star Trek. After getting home, we watched movies and lounged a bit more. We then woke up on Sunday morning and had some breakfast and tidied up a bit and said our goodbyes before heading out back to Sacramento as Tadd has to work tomorrow and we were doing Christmas with my family!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Week...

Christmas week is here. Today, church was great. There were various musical numbers to invite the Spirit of Christmas. Tomorrow, Monday that is, Tadd starts his new job! I get to workout, day number three with my trainer and I am in so much pain it is crazy! My little sister gets in around 12:30pm. I get to see some great friends from Arizona. Tadd's parents and siblings get into town around 9pm. That is all happening just on Monday. And there is still Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday...okay you get the picture. Good fun to come. Get ready for a fun week with some fun pictures! Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Year...Changes!!!

A new year, a new chapter! Lots of things are happening with Tadd and I in the next few weeks. Tadd just got a new job. He is going to be an Enrollment Counselor at the University of Phoenix! He starts at the end of December!

Then, in January, I start my Dental Assisting program at Western Career College! On my way to a new career of Dental Hygiene!

Then, I start as an assistant coach of the Granite Bay High School Varsity Girls Soccer Team!

AND....Tadd graduates from his MBA program!!! So EXCITED!

Lots of good things going on! And lots of fun to come with Christmas and family coming into town! Can't Wait!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Christmas Sweater

Last night we went and saw The Christmas Sweater. It was a touching story about love, faith, family and forgiveness. It was also about facing the storms that we come across and having the strength to make it through to the other side. It also talked about how we may need a friend along the way. This may be a family member, a personal Savior, someone bigger than us or a friend. It expressed the redemption that every person can experience and the power of forgiveness. It also talked about the concept of time. We are not going to get more time, it is a fact. There are only 24 hours in a day. There are only 365 days in a year. However, we can live each of those hours, each of those days to the fullest. We can impact other peoples lives just by smiling or saying something nice. We need to be selfless and kind. We may be the person that is fighting the storm hoping to be victorious, or we may be the person on the other side, trying to help that person through the storm. No matter what position you are in, you need to find joy in the journey and live life to its fullest. Find out who you are and what you can give. Especially during this Holiday season. Enjoy every minute with your family. Find joy each day, rain or shine. Forgive everyone. Love, love, love.

p.s. I could go on, but maybe read the book and see what it means to you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


All the good things in December... Family. Vacation. Christ. Presents. Yummy food. Fun. Cold Weather. Tahoe. Snow. Cuddling. Warm pajamas. Hot Chocolate. Baked Goods. Peppermint. Candy canes. Santa. LOVE.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Moon

I did not go see the movie the first, second, or third night, but I did go see it, and I did LOVE it!!! I love Edward, and Bella and Alica, even Charlie. All the Quilette Tribe and the Volturi. I thought all the characters were great!I still love the book more but I think that is always the case. I enjoyed every bit of the movie, except when the camara spun around a few too many times. Other than that though, I wanted the movie to keep going for another two hours, but it didn't. Good thing the next one is coming out in less than a year.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Magical Mother!!!

Happy Birthday to my Mom. Her birthday was yesterday and we had a great weekend together. We went out to eat on Friday night and watched a movie and then the same thing on Saturday, but Tadd and I treated my parents to dinner and then a movie! And then Sunday, we went over to my parent's best friends house and they cooked a delicious meal for us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOM EVER!!! She is magic...she does everything with such ease and is always there! Love you mom!

Friday, November 13, 2009

An amazing friend inspired this. 80 things I am grateful for.

1. Family
2. My husband
3. The gospel
4. Dual incomes
5. Thanksgiving gathering
6. Sweatshirts
7. Hot apple cider
8. Colorful fall trees
9. Running in the dark
10. Warm pajamas
11. Cuddling under blankets
12. Pumpkin pie
13. Dresses with leggings and boots
14. Tahoe
15. Snowboarding this winter
16. Scarves
17. Encouraging words
18. Blogging
19. My little blue planner
20. Baked goods
21. Photographs
22. Nike+running watch
23. Seat warmers
24. Holiday jingles
25. Down comforters
26. Christmas pictures
27. Fireplaces
28. DVR
29. Grey’s anatomy
30. Eyelash curlers
31. Text messaging
32. The Book of Mormon
33. Decorating cookies
34. Pedicures
35. To do lists
36. Christmas cards
37. Target
38. Birthdays
39. Nail polish
40. Pay days
41. Sleeping in
42. School
43. The Temple
44. Electric orange running shoes
45. 2 days holiday for thanksgiving
46. Gift giving
47. Greek yogurt
48. The game sequence
49. Burned compact discs
50. Banana republic
51. High heels
52. Holding hands
53. Colorful Post it notes
54. Soccer
55. Date nights
56. Google
57. Pets
58. Anything with cream cheese
59. Mavis Beacon teaches typing
60. Funny jokes
61. Lovely compliments
62. Manicured nails
63. Hot showers
64. Singing loud in the car
65. Movie nights
66. Backyard storage
67. Fall layered clothing
68. Chapstick
69. Sushi
70. See’s chocolate Bordeaux
71. Good tight hugs
72. Cute headbands
73. Highlighters
74. Online shopping
75. Bruschetta
76. Nike shoes
77. My pearl colored 4-Runner
78. Movie theater candy
79. Jamba juice orange dream machine
80. The words “I love you”

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yay for getting back into shape...even in the winter.

A lovely quote...

"Take good care of today. Is is the tomorrow you longed for yesterday.”

San Francisco

A quick trip to San Fran to visit some friends visiting from Arizona. Photos to come.


Trick or treating with friends...and lots of yummy food. Pics to come

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Florida Suprise

Last weekend, Tadd and I were able to fly out to Miami Florida to surprise my younger sister Katie and spend some time with her as well as watch her play (and beat) North Carolina. We surprised her on Saturday afternoon, it was wonderful! So much happiness! We just had a relaxing weekend together, visiting the campus, shopping, watching sports, including the Miami football game on Saturday afternoon as well as Katie's soccer game versus North Carolina. We then spent time with Grandma Bella and lounged a little more. It was a great weekend and so fun to see Katie in her college element and of course bring her a nice surprise of love and family!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lake Tahoe

Tadd and I went along with our friends Devon, Jesse and Aida up to beautiful Lake Tahoe. We headed up there on Friday after work and got to the cabin around 9pm. We lounged around and chatted Friday night away. Saturday morning, we woke up around 9 (Devon and Jesse got up a little earlier with the 3 year old) and made a delicious breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, and pancakes. We then got ready and headed out to Squaw where we walked around a bit and made pretty candles. We then headed back to Kings Beach and ate some lunch at Steamers. Then we went back to the cabin and watched a movie (The Proposal, finally)...and relaxed. After that we headed to the store for dinner and Sunday food. When we got back, the games began. Sequence and cards! Devon and I dominated in sequence but were not so lucky in the card game Hand & Foot. We thought we would let the boys win the card games since we did not leave any room for them to win in Sequence. It was a fun evening of competitive games. Sunday we got up and organized everything as well as more games. We made the best lunch...the sandwich from Spanglish. If you have not seen that movie, see it, but check out the sandwich that Adam Sandler makes, ya, we replicated it! Then back to Squaw on our way out to pick up our masterpieces and back home. Such a great weekend, but definitely too short. Pictures to come!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Date Night

An overall enjoyable evening.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Apple Hill

Tadd and I, along with our friends, Devon and Jesse and their daughter Aida, headed up to Apple Hill last weekend to enjoy the nice weather and change of season. Tadd has never been there, and it has been many years since I visisted. We got up to Apple Hill around 11:00am and parked in the apple orchard. We then walked around, took some pictures by the pond, sampled some yummy apple cider, and then ATE....and ATE, and ATE. It was hilarious how much apple food we consumed. We started with a sample of apple and apple pumpkin butter on a slice of apple, while we were waiting in line for our apple fritter and our dozen variety apple donuts. We then headed over to the fudge factory in which we enjoyed a nice caramel apple. We walked around a bit more, bought some kettle corn for the ride home and then went to another location to purchase an apple pie! We had a really fun time just walking around and eating! Overall, though we had a fun time with our friends.