Monday, April 23, 2012

One Good Thing

Pretty soon...when Jill, Katie and I get together...the boys will have someone to hang out with...They will actually even have a four some for golf. Just ONE of the good things about my sisters moving and getting married!

Love is in the Air

My older sister, Jill, is getting married, on the beach, in San Diego in the beautiful month of July! She is so are celebrate this occasion! What is even more fun is in the coming months we have events that we get to all hang out for and enjoy more celebrating! Katie will return from Arizona, Jill will fly up from San Diego and we all get to shower Jill with gifts and love at her Bridal Shower in May. Then...once again, we fly in from around the area and join in San Diego for a bachelorette weekend to remember! We have big plans for Jill and she does not even know them all! I am so excited to make Jill's wedding so special for her!!!

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Today is the day...Katie is leaving...and moving to Arizona, then probably Tennessee! She will be with Dennis, her amazing boyfriend. He is currently in the minor baseball leagues so she gets to support him in that awesome goal!
However...I am going to miss her so much. We have spent the last year together since she got back from school. We did have a beautiful few months with the three girls but then Jill fulfilled her destiny and returned to sunny San Diego. So now...Jill is getting married in July and Katie is moving, TODAY. Wow, how awesome is all of this. Big things are happening and they are so exciting! Katie is leaving on a jet plane at 6pm.
Luggage is loaded up!
However, I will get to see her on Wednesday since I will be in Arizona!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Since February, I guess not too many exciting things happened, otherwise I guess I would have posted about it...some upcoming events that will be fun include...

1. My 2nd term (out of 4) ends in 2 short weeks!
2. Tadd and I are taking a trip to Arizona to celebrate our 4 year anniversary!!!
3. Our 4 Year Anniversary!!!
4. Jill's Bridal Shower
5. Jill's Bachelorette Party
6. Jill's Wedding

In other news....

My sis is moving to Arizona and then to Tennessee with her boyfriend who plays minor league baseball. I am going to miss her so much it is crazy! For the last year or so, I have been able to hang out with her every day, and totally hog all her has been amazing! She is moving on to the next stage...and she is STOKED!!! I am super happy for her!!! But I will miss her guts!!!

I have been crafting like a maniac....maniac!!! I have made pretty signs for my sisters wedding! I have made a special gift for her bridal shower that I can't say yet otherwise the surprise will be ruined...I have sewn blankets and more...I have also been planning all the fun wedding events. I am also hooked on Pinterest. Everything on there is so darn creative. I take those ideas and use them!

I love inspirational fitness sayings...they are my phone wallpaper!

I love yummy recipes to attempt...

Pretty house decor...

Until next time...