Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

I was just thinking yesterday how lovely my schedule is right now. For this week, I am currently partially on spring break. I say partially because, I do not actually get spring break at my school, but the high school that I coach at gets spring break, therefore I am off the hook for about 1.5 weeks for soccer. Now don't get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching so far, however, the practice and game times are right in the middle of the day. 2:30 or 3:00pm to be exact. Therefore, you feel like you are having this great morning and before you know it, the time is gone and you have to rush to the high school to beat the afternoon bell traffic. Anyway, so I was thinking yesterday of what a great schedule I have at this very moment because I am able to get quite a bit done including this and that and any other random things that I want to accomplish. A day in the life includes...

Wake up around 8:30am

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Complete a few errands around the house.

Run or workout with trainer.

From about noon on...I am able to fit many other activities in. Examples are...return movies from the weekend. Pick up a few gallons of milk. Read the Book of Mormon. Study for my test or quiz. Play the piano. Check out friends' blogs. Cook dinner for Tadd and myself. Get the mail. Go to the bank. Relax on the couch. Hang out with friends. Chat on the phone. Just this and that.

So, my day does consist of a little bit of everything...just not very much money. I am going to enjoy this though until I am off my partial spring break, then the day will feel a little more crowded. Until then...I am off to workout...seriously!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Now I think we are off to the gym to work off the french toast and eggs.

I will be glad once we are done...and I do not regret eating that breakfast!!!

p.s. we never went to the gym...oops!

Super Saturday

I know it is only 1:45pm on Saturday but I have already had a grand day. It started with a wonderful late start of 11:00am. Ya, I know....crazy. Sleeping in is basically unheard of and both Tadd and I were able to sleep in until the afternoon. I feel accomplished already. Then, as I am about to get my day started, Tadd tells me that the plan is we are going to take a bike ride to this new restaurant called Toast that serves breakfast until 2pm. WOW!

What a great husband and great Saturday morning. So, now here I am, happy and full on my couch after a brisk bike ride to and from breakfast and a lovely meal and a great breakfast place to return to. P.S. We ordered the best french toast along with bacon and sausage sides and eggs, hashbrowns and toast. Yum!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wedding Extravaganzas

I love weddings. They are so much fun. Good food, great friends and family, and just super fun festivities. We have 6 weddings to go to this year, 2010. The first one, that we recently attended, was in Arizona. Tadd's friends from high school got married after 12 years. They had a really pretty setting on a golf course, with good appetizers, a really good meal, and a super cute photo booth.
The upcomimng events are as follows..
April 30-May 1 Newport Wedding for Tadd's older step sister Tara

June Iowa Wedding for a previous co worker Emly

July 30 Santa Cruz Wedding for an old time friend Julia

August 20-22 Seattle Washington Wedding for my college roommate Shanonn

And the most recent news is that Tadd's little sister Brittny is engaged. We are unsure of the date they may have in mind, but we are looking forward to their wedding as well!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So, mine did not look as delicious as these in the photo, but it is the thought that counts. I made St. Patrick's Day cookies for my classmates yesterday and I think they definitely enjoyed them! Happy St. Patricks Day, yesterday and gone!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Beach Body

6 weeks until Tadd and I are on the beach in Newport in our bathingsuits. Today starts preparation for this occasion. Wish us luck! We are working out hard core and of course trying to do well with our diet. New bathingsuit to be posted...once my goal is achieved, then I will proudly rock my new yellow bathingsuit (that has not been purchased yet.)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Over the weekend, we visited our previous home, Arizona! We had so much fun with all of our friends. We got in around 10:30pm on Friday night and you think that is the end of the night, but it is not. We headed over to our friends' Fred and Chana's house to hang out...until 3 in the morning. I finally got tired and called it a night, but the boys stayed up a little longer to watch some comedy. Thanks Fred and Chana for the slumber party, super nice blow up bed too!!! Then Saturday morning we headed to our fav spot, La Grande Orange...LGO!
We ate a delicious brunch of fresh squeezed orange juice as well as madame croque with a side of bacon and oatmeal. Fred and Chana also enjoyed some yumminess from LGO and now they have a new spot to return to. After brunch we headed into Tempe to wander around. It was a really sunny day and it was nice until it got really hot because that is how AZ is. We ate some mojo frozen yogurt and chatted, then took some fun pics at Target before heading back to their place to get ready for the wedding which was our initial purpose for the trip.

We headed over to the wedding around 4:30pm at the Embassy Suites Hotel which is on a golf course. The wedding was really pretty. The bride and groom have been together for 12 years and decided that they would get married now...Tadd got to see lots of his old high school friends. We also got to hang out with our close friends James and Jill.

We had a fun evening at the wedding...danced, ate good food and enjoyed friends. The reception ended around 11:30pm and we headed back to The Barnett's house (who were sadly out of town) and we went to bed. Then Sunday morning, more fun! We got ready for church and had a tasty breakfast prepared by Chef Tadd and then headed over to the Jackson's house. Immediately, I am obsessed with their adorable child Avery. We were around when she was first born and we got to hold her as a small baby, but now she is the cutest 17 month year old I have every seen. I want to eat her up! So we became friends instantly and we got to hang out for the next five hours.

It was so great to see Kat and Joe again, we miss them so much! We headed to church which was our old ward when I was first investigating and joining the church, so we got to see lots of good friends there also! After lots of climbing and running around the church with little miss Avery, we headed back to their house for a delicious meal that Kat is known for. She always cooks and it is always so good! We got to eat and chat like old times...and of course obsess over their adorable child!!! It all ended too soon and we rushed to the airport just in time to check our bags and hop on our flight back to California. We miss you Arizona and it was so great to see all of our friends!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Tomorrow is the last day of my first 6 week course at dental assisting school. I know it is only one class, but still, that is great. And ps...I totally aced it! Yay for dental classes and potlucks (we get one tmw)!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Trip

Arizona here we come!!! We are heading to AZ this coming weekend for a wedding. We are so excited to see all of our friends. Sadly, we are going to miss all of Tadd's family. They are all going to be in Utah. However, we are still very excited to see all of the friends that we miss so much now that we live in CA. Friends...get ready to see us! We better be penciled in on your calendar, if not, we are coming anyway!