Monday, June 12, 2017

San Diego 2017

Beachtrip June 2017!
We stayed at a VRBO on ocean walk in Mission Beach and it was perfect. We hardly drove at all, we just walked outside to the beach or down to the pier with the roller coaster. The first full day we went to the San Diego zoo and I think the best part was Liam getting his face painted. He totally surprised me. I did not think that he would like getting it painted but he loved it and was roaring at everyone, it was hilarious! He was sooooo sad when we washed it off later that night...he is already excited to get it painted again, whenever that may be. 

It was also the first time that Logan touched the sand...and he was pretty happy about it! We also met the newest little one in our extended family, Sterling. She is so adorable. Petite and quiet but very cute! It was great to finally meet her.

 We then went to Belmont Park the last day before we had to leave and played arcade games and rode some rides...Liam had a blast and we all got to have some more fun before the dreaded family vacation hangover which is totally a thing. #oddowannaleave #sandiegoddo #beachboddo


Liam and his bestie Johnny are always having a blast together. We went to the splash pad one of the hot spring days... and as the heat continues to creep up on us we will most likely be frequenting this pad of water weekly.

We also went to the river cats game which was a blast and now we are having our backyard done! So we are shopping around for backyard furniture so we can host our friends and family this summer!

My heart in photos

I wanted to get some professional photos done of the boys since they are at such a fun and adorable age right now.... and Oh boy am I glad I did! These photos make me want to cry, laugh, smile, squeeze them and just about go crazy for my handsome little boys! Liam is just about 3.5 yes old and Logan is just about a week shy of 7  months old!!! Documenting each of their facial expressions and being able to just see their personalities in these photos just makes me crazy with happiness!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Spring 2017

As we are fast approaching the summer of 2017... here is a recap of spring 2017!!!

We went on a somewhat spontaneous trip to Southern California. Sadly, tadds Uncle Tim passed away and therefore we were able to attend his memorial in San Diego.

This allowed up to spend a wonderful weekend with Tadd's family and the Jill also! We went to a free food dinners and then we went to Disneyland!

It was such a fun Disneyland trip. We got to eat at blue. Auou which we have never done. We also got on so many rides as we attended with the experienced  Disneyland season pass holders Britt and Phil and their son Ben!

Liam rode Star tours for the first time and as he was sitting with tadd he looked over and said "this is so fun!" I think he enjoyed himself!!!!

Mother's Day 2017!!! Now a mother  of two handsome boys! I am one lucky mama. I enjoyed a massage with my mom on Friday. And I ordered a few things for myself like makeup and some leggings. Tadd made dinner and we spend the day as a family and it was perfect!