Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bachelorette Party

Last weekend Katie and I threw our older sister, Jill, the best bachelorette party ever!!! We worked really hard to have it planned exactly to the minute so that there would be no drama and it would be fun for everyone, and it was exactly that! We stayed at the Hilton in La Jolla San Diego and we got three rooms for the 11 girls that would be participating in the fun weekend events. Katie and Alexis checked into the hotel and decorated Jill's room before anyone got there and while they were doing that, Kristie took Jill out on a catamaran and to a spa day and totally pampered her all day! It was the perfect way to start the weekend. Everyone arrived around 7:30 (except for me) and they were all gathered in the Bride's room, drinking, eating, talking and enjoying themselves. My plane was delayed so I did not get in until 9:30pm...which did not go according to plan but worked out anyway. When
I got there, we played lots of fun games like Pin the Junk on the Hunk and then some other charade games and such. Jill got to open some fun gifts and we had a dance was a blast. A low key Friday night but still so much fun! We all went to bed around 1:30am...and then we slept in until about 10am which made up for the late night. When we got up, we all reconvened in the main bride's room and ate breakfast and chatted some more. Then we all got our bathingsuits on to head to the beach. We got to the beach around 12 noon and found a nice spot for all of us to fit. Alexis brought hula hoops and frisbees and a bubble machine! How fun! We had such a great time on the beach. We relaxed, walked the beach, took fun photos and make Jill into a mermaid! We then headed back to the hotel to hang by the pool for a little while before getting ready for our fun filled, surprise for Jill, evening! Everyone was very timely and ready by 6pm sharp...we then had a mercedez van waiting for us outside and cowboy hats for everyone! We then headed to Harney sushi, which is Jill's favorite sushi restaurant and we all enjoyed some delicious food! After that, we headed to In Cahoots, a country line dancing bar! Jill, Katie and I got in for FREE because obviously the BRIDE and then the matron and maid of honor! We had so much fun at this bar!
Everyone got to dance and even though we did not know all the steps, we still looked good! We danced like crazy and everyone definitely noticed us! Around 12:00 we headed back out to our van and drove back to the hotel. We snacked and chatted for a little while longer and then crashed! Once minor detail is that Jill was wearing a pink cowboy hat all evening, and she looked so adorable. However, since we were dancing like crazy, she (and the rest of us) were very sweaty! And the hat died her blonde hair, PINK! Just one strip, but still, kind of stressful...but she will figure it out, it will definitely fade before the wedding! Sunday morning everyone was up bright and early around 8:30 so that we could grab breakfast and then head out and catch our flights! It was such a great weekend and Jill had a blast which is the main point! We are so glad that it went so well and that we were able to shower Jill with gifts and love and attention before her big day.

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Steph said...

That trip looks like so much fun! Your sister is super lucky to have you and Katie :) After we have our baby we should all go out for sushi - I miss it!