Thursday, March 8, 2018

Picture Explosion

2018 is apparently a photo only blog posts...Cant keep up with words.

Disneyland. Hawaii. Liam turns 4 & his party at Rockin Jump with his bestie Johnny!

Thursday, January 25, 2018


The year of is starting out with lots of festivities including a trip to Tahoe, Disneyland and Hawaii!

Tahoe 2018 Photos!Liam ice skated...Logan looked darling in his cozy hat...we did some walking, eating, relaxing, playing...and enjoyed the cold but beautiful weather and the adorable house we were able to stay in longer than the 5 hours we spent there last time the day my water broke before Logan was born.
In other news, Liam started a primary class at church called Sunbeams...and he is thriving. He loves it. And it isn't playing the whole time. He sings, does crafts, learns and gets a snack. He is getting so big!

Logan is walking about 75% of the time and getting more and more stable and confident around the house. He is getting quite the personality too!

Baby boy 3 is growing on track. More than halfway there...especially if this boy does the same thing that my other two have in the past...roughly 12+ weeks left depending on when he decides to arrive!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

September-December 2017

Its only been 3.5 months since my last post but a lot has happened since then! Here is a summary in bullet points and photos.

-- Tahoe Trip

--Boston Massachusetts Family Trip Sept 2017

--Halloween 2017

--Family photos 2017 with #3 announcement and gender reveal

--November Utah Trip

--Thanksgiving 2017

--Gender Reveal for Baby #3

--Logan Bear 1 year old birthday party

-- Katie's baby shower for Baby Raben

--Jill's Baby Shower for Baby Londyn

--Christmas 2017