Thursday, September 15, 2016

2nd Baby Bumpdate 28 weeks

Baby #2 Bumpdate: 28 Weeks

How far along: 28 weeks (29 as of today!!!)
Weight gain: 20 lbs
Maternity clothes: Yes! I just snagged a few more pieces for the fall.
Sleep: Crazy dreams make my sleep slightly less restful
Best moment this week: Having my sister in town and having her spoil Liam with love and attention (which in turn spoils me!!!)
Gender: BOY round 2
Weird pregnancy moment: Not so much.
Movement: Yes, this boy moves quite a bit, until Tadd tries to feel for him, then he stops.
Food cravings: Nothing really.
Quesy: Nope!
What are you looking forward to: My appointment at 32 weeks! I get an extra ultrasound! And we are starting to do exams to make sure that this baby is not planning on coming early like Liam.

I can't believe I am already almost 30 weeks. That could mean that this baby could be here in 6-10 weeks...that seems unbelievable. However, I imagine the next 6-10 weeks will feel like eternity. HEre is to a healthy and successful next 8ish weeks.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Napa Girls Trip

My two besties from 5th and 6th grade and I took a trip to Napa for the weekend. We decided to go to celebrate our 30th birthdays!! And we have been friends for 20 years!!! We had such a great time. I had no idea that Napa was so close only took like 1 hour and 20 minutes. When we arrived, we were able to get an early check-in to our hotel and we scoped the hotel out before heading over to oxbow market and grabbing some lunch. We then walked into downtown Napa and scoped out the shops and such. We wandered and then decided to get pedicures! It was so relaxing, and although we hadn't done much yet, I could definitely have fallen asleep in the chair. Once we finished with our nails, we continued walking until we found an ice cream parlor and chocolate shop...and snagged a few treats.

We then headed back to the hotel so my friends could enjoy their hour of free wine on the patio at our hotel. It was the perfect area to hang out and chat though with a nice couch and chairs and a fireplace to keep us cozy as it was nice and breezy. After they enjoyed their wine, we got ready for our first dinner reservation which was at a sushi restaurant that was supposed to be great!

 The food was really good. We ordered some sushi that was pregnancy approved, with a couple of other rolls for them and then some duck fried rice which was also quite delicious. Then we got a deconstructed smore for dessert which was also pretty good, even though the original smore somehow is usually the best. We then headed back to the hotel and got in our jammies and went to bed...and slept in until 9!!!!! It was a miracle. Whitney and I have kids so we normally don't get to sleep in, Lauren on the other hand, patiently waited for us to wake up...what a nice friend!

Once we were up and ready we headed into the vineyards of Napa with my sisters father in law who runs some Kendall Jackson vineyards. He gave us such a great tour of the vines and of his property that he oversees. He taught us a ton about wine and how long and involved the process is...makes my friends appreciate their wine a bit more!!! He then recommended a great lunch spot, which we ended up getting brunch because the food looked and sounded so delicious, and it did not disappoint!

 After our delicious lunch, we went to a winery nearby so my friends could taste some sparkling wine which is what the winery is known for...I then found some salted caramels to share and enjoy the scenery. After they finished their tasting, we headed back to get ready for our second dinner of the weekend which was at an Italian restaurant!

We consumed lots of pasta and bread and enjoyed every bite before finishing it off with a cobbler and some shopping at a boutique next door. We also happened to stop into Kohls to get some toys for our kids so they would be happy to see us when we got back...ha! 

We then called it a night and slept in again...

Sunday morning we did a brisk bike ride nearby our hotel and grabbed some juice at the market before driving into Yountsville to see the cute town and then peeked at the local outlets which just so happened to have a brooks brothers which Tadd loves and I even snagged him a new pink dress shirt he has been wanting! Then we drove home and got back to our families...Overall it was a great weekend and something that we will definitely make happen again in the near future! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

2nd Baby Bumpdate: 24 weeks...6 Months!!! Oh...and Florida!

How far along? 24 weeks...6 months!!!
Weight gain? 15 lbs
Maternity clothes? Only...and a snagged a few more t shirts to get me through the heat in Florida and here...You can't go wrong with tee shirts!
Sleep? Going pretty good still!
Best moment this week? Taking Liam to Disneyworld! He loved riding Dumbo and meeting Minnie!
Weird pregnancy moment? Nothing really...minus the fact that it is a lot harder to carry a toddler through airports and at Disneyland...getting out of breath so easily is kinda annoying. 
Movement? Yes! Lots of kicks! Trying to time it right, please baby, so that Dad can feel it!
Food cravings? Not really...nothing sounds that good. I just eat because I know if I don't I won't feel good. 
Quesy at all? Not so much, thankfully!
Gender? BOY!
What are you looking forward to? Passing my glucose test. And October...lots of fun things to look forward to in October. 

I might as well combine our Florida trip in this post so there are some fun pictures to look at! 

We went to Florida for our big summer trip to see my Grandma Bella and my dad's family for a few days and then we snuck in Disneyworld and Universal Studios as well. We took off on Thursday morning bright and early and spent the day traveling and getting through airports, luckily with no hiccups. We arrived in Florida around 6pm and got our bags, our car and headed to Palm Coast...along the way we stopped for dinner and then crashed at our hotel. The following morning Katie and Dennis arrived around 9am and we had breakfast with them and Liam was so stoked to see them. After brekkie we headed to my grandmas house to see her before heading over to my uncles house for the day. She looked great and she showed us around her new living area which is an assisted living facility and it was awesome. She has a great room with lots of light and everything she needs with lots of amenities and lots of great people to keep her company and take care of anything and everything that she needs.

We then headed down the way to my Uncle Edwards house to go swimming and enjoy the day relaxing and eating of course. Their house is beautiful and they also have a great pool and access to the water, not the beach but where you can keep a boat and travel along the water to the ocean. Liam had a blast swimming, jumping, playing on toys and entertaining all the adults of course. All the while, there was also ping pong and lots of good company!

After eating a lovely dinner, we headed out for the night and grabbed some shut eye to get ready for the next day. Katie and Dennis had to leave and start their road trip/move to California which we are pretty stoked about. They left in the morning and then we went and picked up Grandma and Uncle Johnny to take Liam to Target to spoil him a little bit. He picked a Thomas the train and Mater toy and he said both Johnny and Bella's name and he pretty much melted everyone with how adorable he is. Grandma and Johnny of course spoiled Liam and even this baby boy to come. We are very lucky to have them!!! Both my uncles and aunts also got Liam some goodies including a tractor, a toothbrush, clothes, and some other fun toys. He is spoiled with so much love and attention!

Day 2 with the family was great again. We swam all day and hung out before heading to an early dinner with everyone! Liam fell asleep on the way to dinner as he had a very busy day swimming and playing. He slept through dinner in his stroller and then we got him some food from the store before saying our goodbyes to grandma and the rest of the family. It was so nice to see them and for them to meet Liam!
So Saturday night we headed back to Orlando as Tadd was to leave the next day and head home...however upon arrival to our hotel, Tadd changed his mind and his flight plans and decided to stay the rest of the trip!!! We watched a light show and we even went swimming late Saturday night...and didnt get to bed until like 11pm! Good thing Liam had taken a late nap!

We ordered breakfast in bed so we would have enough time to get ready and head to the park early! Liam got a minnie pancake with sprinkles on it...he was in Heaven! After eating breakfast we headed to Disneworld! We got on the wrong bus, had to grab another one, then we had to wait in a long line to get our tickets, then our tickets were messed up...Anyway, by about 11am we made it into the park! We got to ride dumbo right away and then we hopped on the train around the park so Liam could enjoy his train ride without waiting in too many lines. We then proceeded to make our way around the park and rode Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan. We then stopped for lunch and had some hot dogs, slurpees, chips and all the goodness that a theme park provides.

As we decided to head back at this time, we were attempting to ride dumbo again and while we were waiting, the ride was shut down due to weather...which we thought was silly, until we walked out side and it was a torrential rain storm! Luckily mom is always prepared and had ponchos for us to wear. We all put them on and Liam was tucked safely beneath mine and we made our way back to the hotel...while getting totally soaked! It did not ruin our time though. We got back to the hotel and all took a nap from about 6pm which was glorious. We then had dinner at a great restaurant called Citricos, then we headed back to the park!

The few hours we went back to the park at the night were the best! We rode the train again, we rode Dumbo, we got to meet Minnie and Daisy which Liam loved. We also got a churro, rode Aladdin magic carpet ride and Pirates of the Carribean. We briefly saw the parade and a few fireworks and then we snagged a couple of tee shirts, one for Liam and one for me. Overall it was a great day at Disneyworld!!!
When we got back to the hotel, we headed to bed to get ready for another busy day in the morning!
We slept in and went to the character breakfast where Liam got to see Tigger and Pooh bear. And the food was really good too! We then headed to Universal Studios and go to explore Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, enjoy some butter beer and some ridiculously hot weather  before getting on the Hogwarts express. Sadly, I could not ride any of the rides due to this second baby boy, so until next time, we just got to see how awesome the design was and how it felt so close to actually being in the movie.

We then took Liam to the Curious George area which was a water area, thankfully, and he played there for a little while before we went to Hard Rock Cafe for our lunch. While we were eating it began to downpour again, thankfully we were inside this time. After lunch we headed back to the hotel and we all took a nap again. We woke up late and grabbed a late dinner before heading back to the pool for a few hours before bed.

Our last and final morning we grabbed breakfast again and then went back to the pool! Liam met a friend and practiced counting before they jumped in together! Liam is loving meeting new people and I am hoping this is good practice for the arrival of his brother! We then had to wrap everything up and check out of the hotel and we went to some local outlets to kill some time before our flight.

We grabbed a few things to top off our trip and of course got rained on as we were heading back to the car. We then grabbed some lunch before heading to the airport. Our flight was delayed and Liam got plenty of time to play with all his new toys in the airport before getting on the plane. As soon as he got in his seat, he was ready to sleep...and Sleep he did. The entire first flight he slept and then he woke up for a snack and then back to sleep for the second flight. It worked out quite nicely.

We finally arrived home at midnight and all crashed again to try and get ready to go back to work the next day...phew! What a trip though. We had such a blast seeing family and having Liam meet a lot of them for the first time. We also enjoyed Disney and Universal Studios...until next time....Thanks Florida for a great time!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Baby Boy 2 Nursery

I have slowly been prepping the nursery again for this second baby. Before I even knew I was pregnant, I had moved all of Liam's things into his toddler room and therefore taken everything off the wall in the nursery and put it up in his room. With that being done I touched up the walls, filled holes, repainted scratches and holes and washed the bedding and moved the crib mattress up. So for now, there is one wall of floating bookshelves that didn't change much from before. The crib has all the bedding inside of it as well as the changing table, ready to be made, or maybe washed again, depending on how I feel and then the chair and end table are chilling in the other corner. We just ordered and put together the new dresser which is a light grey.

I decided that I wanted one print to kind of set the theme for the room, and I found one online through says, "thank heaven for little boys!" Which I ordered in red, and then another one in blue to put in Liam's room. So now I have the starting print and finally got the frames...and now for the rest of the room.

On the other wall, I have a mirror and I want to get the babies initials as so as we decide what his name will be, and that way we will all have initials in our room, which is pretty fun! Here are a few of the during pictures. Just got a new end table. One picture in the frame with a few ideas  here of what we might put in the other frames.

Also, the EAT letters I am going to use for inspiration for the baby boy's initials. I am going to use dimes though since we are doing more grey and red and white theme. I will post them once they are done...aka once he is born and we pick a name.

I can't believe I am going to have two boys now! It is going to be quite the adventure and I am stoked to see how Liam is as a big brother and then of course to see how our little guy develops his own personality!!!

Bathroom Renovation

In the month of June, we finally gutted and refinished our entire spare bathroom! It was epic before and although it was functioning, it was not exactly what we were going for long term. The yellow tub and sink, although it had great 50's character, was not the theme we wanted to keep as the rest of the house had already been updated. So, we have been purchasing things over the last 6 months including the vanity and countertop, lighting, and a few small hardware pieces, as well as saving our money to purchase the remaining items before we gutted the entire bathroom!

Once the first weekend of June came, I had my dad and Tadd working away, busting out wood, tile, porcelain, you name it!


After we threw all of the garbage away (ps...we rented a dumpster from the city and it was by far the best decision of all. They drop it off, and one week later come pick it up for like $ was genius) The remodel began. Tadd and my dad began by breaking it down to the studs and then getting the plumber in there to work his magic and re work the sewer line so we could have the toilet behind the door where a wall used to be. That was quite the work load, but it worked out. Then they put down cement board for the floor and walls. Once everything was prepped and ready, they put the floor tile down and grouted it. 

I was already loving it. Then we had some tile contractors come in and do the shower tile since it was a slightly bigger project. It turned out great! Then last minute I scheduled the electricians to come in and reroute some wires to get additional lighting and an extra outlet, just in the nick of time before the texture guy came in and fixed all of our walls, including our kitchen and master bathroom. 

Then we had some work to do including painting which I did participate in and did the entire master bathroom while Tadd did the spare and then also the kitchen ceiling that had been waiting to be painted since last summer. Now that all the painting was done, all that was left to do was clean it for the tub refinishers. The tub looked amazing once it was done. It is pretty dramatic how white can look so good after having  yellow for so long. Tile, check. Tub, check. Paint and texture, check. Lighting, check. Now all that was left was putting in the stone behind the toilet, the actual toilets, vanity, mirrors, and hardware....oh, and the door...just a few things....phew!!!

Anyway, after all the hardwork, and blood, sweat, tears and $$$, it is complete! And it is beautiful and luxurious and amazing and all the good words that represent a perfect bathroom remodel, just the way we imagined! And now, Liam gets to take a tub. I have a perfect tub and shower. And space for storage of kids toys, bath towels and of course my makeup and toiletries. G

Good thing we are having another boy so I can use this bathroom for a little bit longer because I like it that much!!! As of now, we are officially done remodeling the inside of our house,..I know, we never thought the day would come. 

The last post that will be the inside of our house is when the nursery gets decorated which will probably be another couple months, it is in the works. And then once I get additional family photos to finish out frames that are waiting for them. Until then, I will be soaking in the bubbles in my new white tub and fancy new bathroom!!!


Monday, August 1, 2016

30 years

I am 30. Honestly, I don't feel that different. Maybe I have just embraced the years passing by...and really I think 30 is a pretty good age. I have accomplished most of the things that I wanted to by this age, and I am having my second baby later this year...I have an awesome husband, kid, family, job...there really is nothing to complain about. So with that being is to my 30th year and whatever it has in store for me.

I definitely spoiled myself and bought a few gifts that I had been wanting...also, we have pretty much been celebrating all month considering we had a bbq earlier this month to reveal the gender of our second baby...and then of course to just have a fun time with friends and family.

I also got to go out to dinner with my whole family to Benihana which has been something we have done for as long as I can remember, and I love it every time...It is by far one of my favorite restaurants!

The rest of the month pretty much has flown by and it is officially August now...I can't even believe it! So for my birthday I bought myself some new makeup, new kicks and a sweater! And then Tadd and I booked a babymoon and our first weekend away from Liam as the two of us. I am pretty excited even though I know I am going to miss Liam and probably face time him a few times during the 2 nights we are away, just 1 hour north.

My final request for my birthday was a peach cobbler...the peaches have just been amazing so I prepped everything and Tadd finished it off so when I got home from work, he had it all ready to enjoy. My parents also picked up Macaroni Grill and they all waited to eat until I got home at 7:30pm. It was a very low key evening and exactly what I wanted. Now we will be headed to Florida for our final family vacation this summer (I get to go on a girls trip for my birthday to Napa at the end of August). Overall, this has been a great birthday and I am still celebrating it seems until the end of August...tough life.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Second Baby Bumpdate: Week 20

Second Baby Bumpdate: Week 20

How far along? 20 weeks Weight gain?10 lbs Maternity clothes? Only.
Sleep? Yes please. Best moment this week? We found out the gender of our baby!
Weird pregnancy moment? I puked last week. I just ate hamburger meat and it made me so sick, I puked it all up and then felt better and went to bed. Movement? Yes, lots of rolls and adjustments, kicks too, but only I can feel them. Food cravings? Nothing in particular. Still salty over sweet mostly. Anything making you quesy?  Not really, minus the hamburger meat overload, apparently. Gender? It's a...see below!! What are you looking forward to? Taking Liam to Disney world!!! And riding only kid rides and eating dole whips in the heat with my pregnant belly!

And getting the nursery ready for our new baby BOY!!!