Sunday, December 30, 2012


This Christmas both my sisters and their husbands/fiances came to Granite Bay! Katie and Dennis flew in on the 19th of December because they come from Florida, so they get a longer trip. Jill and Wes came in on the 23rd so they could stop by and see his family in Napa before coming here. It was so great to have my sissy's here with me! And the boys actually had a really good time together too! We had a lot of fun this year. We went over to my boss's house on sunday night for an "all white" outfit party...which was pretty fun, especially because all the boys wore their matching pj bottoms and was entertaining. That evening we had Jill open her birthday presents because her birthday is on the 30th but she would be back in San Diego by that time. She got a few of her favorite things and was excited about them all. Then, on Christmas Eve, we lounged around, worked out, and then prepared dinner. Since Jill and Wes were leaving the afternoon of Christmas, we decided to have the big dinner on Christmas Eve. So my mom prepped Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pies, name it, we ate it...and it was delicious. After dinner, we decided to celebrate my dad's birthday and this one was special because he turned 60...Actually TODAY! Happy Birthday DAD!!! Love you! So on Christmas Eve, we shared his birthday present which was a book of memories that family and friends had emailed to my sister to put together. We started out with some of our's and then read other friends that had sent a memory in. It was such a good birthday present and a total cryfest! We could hardly make it through any of the memories without crying because my dad is so awesome and his friends and family love him so much! After that fun stuff, we opened our christmas pajamas...and went to look at some lights and luminaries. It is always a fun tradition to pile in the car and look at all the pretty lights. We returned home and relaxed and then went to bed. Then it was Christmas morning...and we all got up and took our places to open all the presents. Everyone got so many good things that they wanted, it was a great Christmas. After presents, Jill and Wes took off for Napa and the rest of us gathered our things and lounged a little more. We then decided to go see a movie as a family which was fun. Then we go home, ate leftovers and hit the sack. Katie and Dennis left the next morning and then it was just the four of us again! It was a great Christmas.

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