Sunday, June 15, 2014

4 months already!!

My little 5lb 4oz nugget is already over 4 months old! He has his 4 month checkup and is really catching up! Stats are in: 14lbs 15 ounces! 25 1/4 inches long and he is in the 36th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height!!! So proud of my little guy! Some fun things about Liam at 4 months!

1. He is super happy! Smiley, chatty and active! He loves to stand or sit with you and just talk, talk, talk!

2. He is pretty flexible! Like besides being able fold in half, he will go anywhere and be pretty chill. If he gets too tired, he will power nap it in his car seat!

3. He knows what he wants and will cry until he gets it. Although, he is not a big crier! He cries when he is hungry, obviously. He fusses when he gets overtired. And then he will complain if he is not getting enough attention, which is rare cuz we are all wrapped around his finger!

4. He looks adorable in every outfit we put on him and doesn't fuss when we change his clothes or his diaper! Which, he is in size 2 diapers and is slowly creeping into size 3!

5. Finally, the Dr. said he can start rice cereal and then some orange foods like carrot & sweet potato! I can't believe he is growing up so fast, he is already using a bowl and spoon!

It is kind of crazy to imagine life without our perfect little Liam, who is not so little anymore!

A year of firsts

There have been a number of firsts in our relationship and marriage. From new restaurants, to a new house, there is something about firsts that make things exciting! So with 2014 starting off with the birth of our first son, there will now be years of firsts to enjoy and look forward to. Here is a list of the ones we have already experienced and then a short list of a few to come!

1. February 9th, 2014 - Our first baby boy, Liam was born!
2. February 23, 2014 - First bath at home for Liam

3. March 30, 2014 - Liam's blessing!
4. March and April - First St Patricks day, April fools and Easter!

5. April 2014 - First trip to Tahoe & Liam did so great in the car and he loved the outdoors! He slept great and was seriously an angel the whole trip! And we got him the most adorable first hat!

6. May 11, 2014 - First Mother's Day, so lucky to have Liam to make me a mommy!

7. Memorial Day weekend - Liam's first dip in the pool/spa!

8. June 13, 2014 - First unseen roll. From back to belly. On two occasions in the middle of the night, we went into his room and he had broken free from his swaddle and was on his belly! Can't wait to see it in the day time!

9. June 15, 2014 - First Father's Day and the two of them looked ridiculously handsome!

Upcoming first's:
Meeting his great grandma Bella and then Dorothy
A plane ride to San Diego
The beach
Thanksgiving and another plane ride to Arizona to meet lots of family

How fun is it to experience everything with a new child as if it was your first time again!

First Father's Day

It is amazing how once you have a child, everything you have done many times before takes on a whole new meaning and becomes a first again because it's a first for your baby! Therefore, this first was Father's Day! To celebrate tadd and the great father that he is, I did a few things: love Kelly and Liam of course. A few weeks ago I picked out an adorable outfit for Liam to wear to church and then of course got a matching tie for Tadd to wear as well! Then on Saturday, we headed to the mall to see if Tadd could find something he liked, no such luck, but I did get him a few small sees candies he likes. Then Sunday morning, we cheated and ate toaster strudels for breakfast since it was his day! And in the evening I cooked up some steak, asparagus and potatoes for the great father of my child! Of course I snapped some precious pics of the two of them and I snuck in a few as well! Here is to the first Father's Day and looking forward to many more firsts with our first born son!!!