Saturday, April 26, 2014

Soundly in my arms

On this day, April 22, 2014, Liam slept from 945-650am without eating. This is the first time, hence why it deserves a post! He fussed a bit at 1, so I moved him to the swing. Then he fussed so I moved him next to me on the couch... He ended up in my arms around 3 and slept soundly until 6:50! We both got up, Tadd fed him and I got ready for work. I am so excited for all of us! No expectations for this to be the typical yet, but pretty excited that this is possible! He is growing up so fast! He is already almost 3 months!

p.s. He hasn't slept through since that night but I am still stoked that he did it at all! He's the best!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Six Years of Love

April 17, 2008-April 17, 2014
6 years of marriage to my main squeeze Tadd! So lucky to call him my husband, best friend &
confidant. I love that he is such a great dad, an incredibly hard worker & a dedicated church goer!
He is so handsome, funny, athletic, helpful, understanding and overall a great man to spend eternity with! Loving every chapter of our lives together!

Recap of year 5...
Hawaii in April to celebrate our anniversary
Getting pregnant
Buying a house
Fixing a House
Decorating a house
Dr. Appts!
Housewarming Party
Bathroom remodel
Thanksgiving with my parents
Christmas in Arizona
My sisters wedding in January in Florida
And the arrival of our precious baby Liam in February (march and April are a blur of goodness with our son)

Yay for April 17th and being married to my one and only! xo

2 months!!!

Liam Michael is 2 months old! Can you believe it! It is going so fast! Some highlights of the last few months!

1. Liam is definitely catching up from his birth weight of 5lbs....he is 10 lbs 15oz now, and totally filling out! He is in the 20 percentile which is obviously on the low side but when comparing to early babies, he is in the 90th percentile!!

2. He is so alert and active now. He kicks, and swats and smiles and coos! He is so adorable and gets more and more adorable every time I look him (Im not obsessed or anything!)

3. We are trying to get on a more consistent schedule for daytime into night so he will sleep better and longer at night. Still a work in progress. He will still wake up a couple times at night, but we are rolling with it and keeping him happy and hopefully as the weeks go on, he will learn to love nighttime sleep!

4. He has grown out of all his newborn outfits! He started in preemie for about a week and then was in newborn clothes until about 5-6 weeks. And for the last few weeks we have been transitioning from his newborn clothes to his 0-3 months clothes!

5. He is extremely happy and has a great disposition. He sleeps pretty soundly, then he gets up and is happy after he eats. But he rarely actually cries (probably because I am overly prepared for the next thing he wants) which is really nice!

He got his immunization shots at this two month appt, it was devastating! He got three shots in his thighs and one drink. He cried like crazy and then after a little cuddling, he fell asleep! Still had a slightly rough day but is now back to his old self!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Liam's Baby Blessing

What a special day! Sunday March 30, 2014 at 9:00am Liam was blessed at our church building in Roseville. Tadd did such a great job. Liam looked adorable in his perfect white outfit. In the circle we had Tadd, Kirk, Mike Atherly, Garry Sewell and my Dad was able to hold the microphone for the blessing. Tadd said such a wonderful blessing for our perfect son Liam. Liam was so well behaved, he barely made a peep besides a sneeze that snuck out! We are so thankful for our friends that came to his blessing day including the Sewells, the Atherlys, the Alstons, and our parents!!! What a good day to remember!
More photos to come!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baby Items I Love

As I have recently had my first child, 7 weeks ago already! I thought I would put together a list of the most important things to have! If you were to ask me 7 weeks ago, I would have no idea and probably said lots of things that would not make the list now. I have 9 Items pictured but in reality there are like 4 things that I use like crazy! Those will be at the top of the list!
1. Pampers newborn diapers & wipes (obviously)
2. Aden & Anais burpy bibs (Liam required a bottle right away hence the big bib/burp cloth!)
3. Snap or zipper footsie Jammie's (the only attire he rocks and this is because it is so convenient to
Change diapers and get on and off without going over his head!)
4. Britax car seat (duh! Can't go anywhere without this gem)
5. City Mini GT jogger stroller- it's super smooth and closed and opens in seconds)
6. Graco swing- total life saver for when he was just 5lbs and felt too small to
Go in the big crib!
7. Mamaroo- my parents have this awesome swing and Liam is a sucker for it. Can't lay in it without sleeping like a champ!
8. Medela breast pump- a must have for me as my little one wasn't latching, I needed the stimulation to produce Milk and now with being back to work, I still can provide the good stuff for my babe!
9. The boppy pillow- this pillow is awesome for nursing, or just for a little arm support while holding my little nugget!

Other items not pictured above that I really like:
-My cozy glider chair from buy buy baby
-a few super soft blankets for swaddling
-our bath tub for Liam
-my petunia pickle bottom diaper bag that is adorable
-our green soothie pacifier recently

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Want List

This list is kind of fun because my sister just started a blog and she made a want list and so I wanted to copy her! So my want list is as follows.

1. Tan purse
2. Gold watch
3. Grey wedges
4. Hello attire (how cute is the family grown up, kid, baby shirts)
5. Black purse