Sunday, February 27, 2011

1 remaining...

I just got my RDA practical results back and I PASSED!!! Thank goodness because that was the most stressful test that I have ever taken!!! Then just this past Saturday I passed my Law and Ethics exam!!! Woo Hoo, two down and one more to go. I have the RDA written exam to take next Saturday. Wish me luck and I will let you know as soon as I officially become an RDA!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


And the Bachelor continues...and last night was a very interesting evening. I am sad that Shawntel went home because I think she is adorable. It was kind of creepy that her Dad went all wacko on her and got pissed that she was going to leave Chico and carry on the family business. I think the whole funeral director job really freaked Brad out and that is a bummer.

Chantal and her family were pretty cool and they had a huge house. Ashley is a little ball of energy! Her whole family was gathered around on the floor so they could be close to Brad. That was funny. As for Emily...seriously could she be any more perfect. She never says anything wrong and is just the sweetest thing. The at home date went well and little Ricky was cute as a button and she warmed up to Brad eventually. My favorite part was when Emily said that she was not letting Brad leave her house without him kissing her...and of course she won and it was a wonderful date and perfect home town! More next week...something to look forward to!

Looking Forward to...

All the things I am looking forward to...or not...
1. Tadd and my "biggest loser" weigh ins that are occurring Tuesday night, simultaneously with The Biggest Loser weigh-ins. 1st one is tonight!
2. Wed morning cycle class every week at 8:30am. Burn those calories!
3. Craft night on Thursday to make graduation gifts for my little sister.
4. Chemistry exam on Friday morning...not truly looking forward to that one.
5. Law and Ethics exam Saturday morning...excited for this one to be over!6. Sunday church...we missed last week. It is always refreshing.
7. Monday night Bachelor drama...
The list will continue next week.
I don't really know where to start...there is a long list of things that I need to write about. The list begins here...Today was the first day back to work and school after a long and wonderful President's Day weekend! I had Friday off from school and work and we decided to go the golf club for dinner for an easy evening. I think we all went to bed pretty soon after that! Saturday I went shopping with my Mom and we had fun finding nice things for her to fill her closet with. Tadd was able to get to the gym and hang out before we headed out of town for San Jose. We left around 2:30pm so that we would reach our hotel in time to prepare for the Sharks Hockey Game at the "Shark Tank!" We went with our friends Lauren and Brian, who are big Sharks fans. We sat in the upper deck but I still thought they were good seats...I could see every pass, every shot, every check and every fight!!! And of course every GOAL!!! The sharks scored 4 goals and one guy had a hat trick! Since they scored 4 goals, the whole stadium gets free personal pan pizza from round table by taking the ticket in! After the game we headed back to the hotel and crashed. We woke up on Sunday morning and ate breakfast and then decided to visit Santa Cruz and shop around before heading back to Sac.
It was a beautiful day and it was nice to walk around and enjoy the sun! We got back in the car around 2:00 and stopped to pick up our free pizza before hitting the pavement for home. Upon arrival we unpacked and packed again and went over to another friends' house to spend time with them while their parents were out of town. We watched Despicable Me...which I totally liked! We ate a yummy dinner and then enjoyed dessert while watching the movie.

Knowing that Monday was a day off, I stayed up until about 1am and Tadd stayed up until 2:30am! Which meant that we slept in on Monday morning until around 9am...and then made ourselves breakfast and headed over to the park to watch Tadd and Austin play football with lots of missionaries. We watched a few games and then the girls and I decided to go to the store to get the ingredients for cupcakes. We made some really pretty cupcakes, including a painters palate, apples and pies! It was super fun! After that I went to the outlets with my mom to get some additional clothes for her as she donated a lot of clothes and cleaned out her closet. I then headed to work and my indoor soccer game. Tadd and Austin and the girls also came to cheer me on! Wow...that was a lot. It was a very eventful long weekend. Now back to the grind and trying to get back on schedule after all the fun we had!

Friday, February 11, 2011

6 Remaining...

I have still been watching the Bachelor. I think that is the only evening I am not doing homework simultaneously as watching TV or eating dinner or brushing my teeth. I am still enjoying it...however, I am seriously getting sick of Michelle. She is getting on my nerves. She needs to just relax and stop pulling these creepy stunts with Brad. There has got to be something that turns him on about those freaky one on ones she is pulling. Anyway, I still love Emily, but I am sad because it looks like she might bail on him. Chantal is still cute. I like Shawntel too, I think she is funny and smart. Ashley, I am kind of over her. I have not seen much of well as Britt. I felt bad for Allie and Jackie, but it was their time to go...Just a few more weeks and then I can get over this Bachelor addiction for a short while.

Sunny Cold

It has been sunny since Tuesday. I have had a cold since Tuesday! I also have been a horrible blogger for the last few weeks. Somehow, life got away from me. I thought things would be fine with school and everything. Obviously, I am still reaching for my life and trying to hang on to my sanity. I have a test tomorrow, I have to teach on Sunday, I have a test on Monday...and then I have not accounted what is after that.

Now, I am going to try and stop complaining for a minute. I think I get two days off in the next few weeks which is amazing and refreshing. Also, we are going to San Jose with some great friends to watch hockey and have fun!

I am going to attempt to improve on my blogging in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

There and Back

Last weekend, we took a quick trip to San Diego. And when I say quick I am simply referring to the amount of days, not the amount of time we spent in the car while driving there. We left on Friday afternoon around 12:30, stocked with all of our road trip goodies and headed out of town. Around 6:30pm, we hit LA traffic. The worst! Somehow, you cannot miss LA traffic, even on a Sunday at 2:30pm. Anyway, we got into San Diego around 8:45pm and met up with my sister and her boyfriend for a late dinner. We enjoyed good food and good company much of the weekend, the previous dinner mentioned being one of the occasions. After dinner, we headed to Jeff and Karyn's house. We got in and chatted a little bit before heading to bed and getting ready for the big and only full day in San Diego. We arose around 6:45am and prepped for our Black Mountain hike/run/walk. We got out the door and headed on our way. The pavement was not too bad until we made the last turn before the mountain...I wish I took a picture of this cement hill that was before was basically a hill from San Francisco and I made it maybe 1/3 of the way up before I started walking. As for Tadd and Jeff they made it up all the way. It was intense. Once I made it up the cement hill, I started jogging...walking...jogging...walking on the mountainous terrain. I think I made it about 1/2 way up when I turned around because I could not find the boys. Either way, I got a good workout and so did they and we all made it back safely to their house before it was time for breakfast. Mission accomplished. We headed out to breakfast with Kirk and Sharon and we all feasted on deliciousness ranging from sweet and savory to salty and cheesy. After breakfast we headed back to house to hang out and prepare for Berlin's baptism which was scheduled for 4:00pm. I got some homework done, Tadd prepared his talk and others accomplished other tasks. At around 3:40pm we all headed to the stake center and took our seats in the baptismal room and greeted people as they came to witness and participate in Berlin's baptism.

The baptismal service was really great and so many people showed up to support Berlin. We are so happy that we got to go and share this special experience with her and her family. Tadd gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost and we got Berlin CTR earrings and a ring. After the baptism we headed back to Jeff and Karyn's house for a little party celebrating both Berlin's baptism as well as her birthday which was just a few days earlier. There were loads of people and food and we enjoyed both. After the evening commenced, we hit the sack. Sunday we arose bright and early to the Big Surprise. This is a delicious breakfast that is super easy to make and I will be sampling my own Big Surprise cooking skills very, very soon. After breakfast we headed to church for sacrament meeting. We decided to skip out early because we wanted to visit a bit more before we all had to hit the road again. We got back on the road around 1:30pm and arrived back in Sacramento around 9:00pm. All in all it was a great weekend. Short and very Sweet!!! Now we are hoping that the San Diegans will come and visit our neck of the woods to spend more fun time together!!!