Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday Night

Just yesterday night, Tadd and I were able to go to the temple together. It is always nice to be able to enter into the doors and feel the peace of the Spirit and enjoy the quiet comfort of the temple.

July 18th - July 19th

This past weekend, Tadd and I went out on the lake with one of our friends and Tadd got to wakeboard. We barbequed at Folsom Lake….which is the lake by our house. Tadd had never been there so it was fun to have some yummy food by the water and go out on the boat and have Tadd take some of the hardest spills ever! They rung his bell initially and he thought they didn’t hurt that bad, until the next day. He was sooooo sore and still is. His neck, back, hips, feet…you name it, it hurt! He is slowly recovering now! But we had FUN! We both worked on Saturday…and prepared for the Sabbath. We had a great weekend together!

San Diego Weekend: July 9th- July 12th

Tadd and I went to San Diego for a long weekend as I was in a wedding. My best friend from 5th grade got married at a beautiful location in San Diego, the Dana. Therefore, the weekend was full of fun events. It included…

Thursday: Hanging out with my sister, Jill, who was such a great host and let us use her car, sleep in her bed and eat her food! (Love you Jill)
Attending the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for the wedding. We ate at Pizza Nova, which was delicious and we got a beautiful combination set of pearls from the bride, Whitney, for our gift! (Thanks Whitney)
Seeing our friends James, Jill, Scott and Kristin at their beach house late Thursday night, and of course their kids and watching fireworks!

Friday: Tadd went deep sea fishing with James and Scott. He got up at 4:30am to go on this boating adventure. They caught lots of fish and had a nice manly outing!
I went to the wedding location around 2pm and hung out in the bride’s room and got ready alogn with the bride, her sisters and the bridesmaids. After we were all ready, we took lots and lots of pictures, which I am excited to see. Then the wedding! It started at 5:30 and it was such a beautiful setting on the grass overlooking palm trees and the water. Very pretty ceremony. The bride looked beautiful and her husband looked pretty excited and good as well!
After the ceremony, we took more pictures and then proceeded to the cocktail hour and the introductions into the reception. We ate dinner, listened to toasts, watched them dance, ate cake and had a great night. One bummer though, Tadd did not feel well all evening, either due to some food from earlier in the day, the medicine that he took before the boat ride or something else. But that was a bummer cuz you know Tadd loves to dance and he did not get to enjoy much of that! We ended the evening around 11:30 and headed back to the hotel, with which we shared with my parents!!!

Saturday: Tadd and I were able to have lunch with James and Jill and their three kids which was really great since we have not been able to see them for a while. They made such a great effort to see us and we were very grateful to spend time with them!
After breakfast, we headed to the Horton Plaza Mall. We shopped around, I got a belt, two headbands and two pairs of sandals. We then ate at a burger joint which was pretty yummy, shopped a little bit more then headed back. We lounged a bit, did some homework, and got ready for dinner. For dinner we went to our favorite spot, the Fish Market. My family has gone there for basically every occasion when we lived in San Diego and it seems to be a reoccuring theme every time we visit SD. Love it! We then ate some frozen yogurt…I got pistachio and coconut…YUM! We then said our goodbyes as we would not see Jill and Lindsay (my cousin) any more!

Sunday: Mom and Dad to head to Miami and let us use the rental car to drive to Rancho Penasquitos to visit Tadd’s aunt and uncle. We went to church with them at 9am and then headed back to their place to enjoy some quality time with them. We ate some lunch, hung with the kids and chatted with Karyn and Jeff. We looked at a house they are contemplating over and then enjoyed some dinner and further conversation before we headed to the airport to head back home!


Happy Independence Day….

For the 4th of July, Tadd and I went up to Tahoe on Friday night and stayed at my parent’s condo. My parents were up there with their friends the Williams. On Saturday, we woke up and watched a movie and lounged, then we played tennis, relaxed some more, then we prepared our dinner…a BBQ for Sue’s bday! We played cards and hit the sack. On Sunday we went to church at 9am…then came home and went hiking with my parents, then had dinner and headed home to get back to work on Monday. I forgot to take pictures, but it was a fun weekend!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Trek

Tadd and I were able to be a Ma and Pa on the Trek for the youth of our ward. It was a trying experience, but enjoyable also. We were able to relive what the pioneers went through by hiking and pushing a handcart with all of our belongings. The youth of the ward did such a great job working together and pushing the cart and making it to camp. There were various vignettes that the kids were able to go through including Pa getting a snake bite and having to be carried on the cart. We had a baby at the beginning and I had to be carried, as well as crossing the sweetwater, coping with the men leaving to go with the Mormon Battalion as well as the baby dying at the end of the trek. (We named our baby Marie Christiann) These were small experiences to bring the reality of what the pioneers went through. On Friday, the fun activities began. We were able to make bracelets, write in our journals, try a two man saw, churn butter, make fire, shoot a rifle, throw a tomahawk, throw a knife, make rope, use a bull whip as well as enjoy a hoe down and a fireside. One of the highlights was Tadd and a young man from our ward trying to beat a timed record for the two man saw. They made 21 seconds but then our bishop and another bishop from another ward, BEAT them. It was fun to watch and they were definitely enjoying themselves. It was a good camping weekend, and Saturday was great when we got to shower and be clean again!

Father's Day Weekend

JUNE 19, 20, 21
This weekend, I did not do much, but Tadd went camping with the young men from the ward and my parents were in LA. Tadd had a fun time with the boys, wrestling and hanging out in the wilderness. I guess the hike that they went on was incredibly hard as they are preparing for a high adventure campout in two weeks.

And, of course, it was Fathers Day! We love you Kirk and Joe! Best Dad’s Ever!

Bridal and Bachelorette Party for Whitney

My best friend from 5th grade is getting married in two weeks. So the weekend of the 13th she had a bridal shower at her parents house and then the girls threw her a bachelorette party in which we took a party bus down to San Francisco and went out on the town for the night. The shower was lots of fun. We at food, chatted, played games and opened gifts. After that, we went home and got ready for the evening and headed to SF at around 7pm. We got to SF around 9 and we went to one bar and the girls were able to get things started…I was designated driver even though we had a driver. I guess I was designated photo taker and controller, to make sure that everything went smoothly and we did not lose anyone downtown! Anyway, we only ended up going to two bars because everyone got tired and wanted to head back. We left around midnight to head back to granite bay. We got back around 2:30 and hit the sack immediately. It was a fun night, as I was able to hang out with my girlfriends and celebrate my best friend’s last single days!

Arizona Trip June 5-7

Tadd and I were able to go out to Arizona to spend time with family and friends. His sister and her daughter were visiting from Utah, so we were able to see everyone in a very short weekend. We arrived on Friday night and just hung out at the house with the family before falling asleep on the couch. Saturday we got up and hung around before friends and family spent time outside barbequing! We had lots of food, fun and of course friends and family that we missed very much.
After the BBQ, we cleaned up and headed out to the movies and saw The Hangover, which was hilarious…slightly vulgar, but still very funny! Then Sunday, we went to church in the morning. Then we headed over to our friends house Darrin and Emly and their son Carter to spend some time with them. After that we headed back to see the family before taking off. The weekend flew by, but we were so happy to see our family and friends that we miss very much in Arizona.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy July 1st

Well, now that it is July 1st....I am going to post for the month of June. I will do it on Friday, promise. It will be filled with lots of new exciting things and of course lots of fun pictures! Get excited!