Monday, February 9, 2015

Liam's 1st Birthday

One year ago today, Liam Michael was born at 5:07 am at 5 lbs 4 oz and 18.25 inches and he was the most perfect little nugget I had ever met. And exactly one year later, he is still incredible. He has lit up our lives in every way. The first few months of his life were not too difficult minus the fact that you have to get up every few hours in order to feed your child. Which it is totally worth it, just a little harder than anticipated. Pretty tiring, but worth it most definitely. Within the first few weeks of Liam's life, Tadd went out of town for a weekend, our dog Roxy died and my parents went out of town. However, we made it through and Liam was the best baby from the beginning. He didn't really cry very loud because he was 5 weeks early. He just ate and slept and burped and made silly cute noises. He slept in a swing mostly at the beginning and then progressed into a pak and play, then sometimes our bed and then eventually his crib. I could go on and on about how perfect my baby is, but since I have posted every month since he was born, I think I will skip to 12 months, because there are so many fun things now that he is 1 years old.

He walks. He walks and grabs your hand and babbles and screams and laughs and giggles and plays and wrestles and cries and whines and kisses and slobbers and hugs and everything in between. He is an absolute joy to be around and is almost always behaving. Obviously, there are times when babies get tired or are cranky and Liam definitely gets that way, but most of the time he is pretty happy and having fun.

A few fun facts.
1. Liam has started saying gaga and we think dada
2. He has 7 teeth. 4 on top and 3 on the bottom.
3. He knows where his tongue, nose, and eyes are...he also knows how to point to them on other people.
4. He loves to dance and hold hands
5. He pretty much eats anything if you feed it to him.

We had a crayola crayon party for his first birthday party and it was a total success. We had cupcakes and cake and friends and family and toys and coloring and fun! Liam skipped his morning nap and partied all morning until everyone left and then he crashed for two hours before waking up for dinner and heading back to bed! It was a great success. I am so thankful that my sister Jill came up from San Diego, my sister Katie and Dennis were there to help...Katie made the beautiful crayon cake and Jill and I helped with the rest of the desserts. My mom prepped all the food and my aunt, grandma, uncle Tim and Uncle Steve were all there to celebrate Liam. So many friends also came to celebrate my little man. It was a very special day and I can't believe he is already one! It is bittersweet!

To Liam: You have changed my life and have made everything better! I love my baby boy more than you can even imagine. To many more years of celebrating you! xoxo


Last month our whole family went to Disneyland for a long weekend. My dad wanted to plan the trip for Liam even though he is only one...we thought we would take advantage! Everyone was in attendance including my mom and dad, me, Tadd, Liam, Jill, Wes, Katie and Dennis. It was absolute perfection. We stayed at the Disneyland hotel with two rooms with an adjoining common room which was great. We were all able to hang out and then get some nice rest also. Liam was a busy bee on the plane ride, however when we arrived, he took a nap in the car on the way to the hotel. It was really nice to have 6 adults when traveling because you are not alone when trying to coordinate everything for your little one. Once we got to the hotel, we were able to hang out and get situated and then we grabbed dinner and relaxed. Friday we put on our matching raglan baseball shirts and headed to the park! We arrived around 9am and found a few characters to take pictures with including Ariel and Minnie before heading to some of the adult rides before they got too busy. Peter Pan was our first ride and Liam seemed to enjoy it. It is kinda hard to see his face because it was dark but I would imagine that his eyes were very big and he was just looking around and being completed overstimulated, and he loved it! After Peter Pan we headed to Alice in Wonderland which is kind of scary, but we all made it through...then off to some roller coasters. We made it to space mountain, and thunder mountain without waiting long at all, it was great! We then headed to pirates of the Caribbean which I put Liam in the front carrier and he fell asleep on the ride for his first nap! We made it to a few other rides before stopping for lunch and enjoying sandwiches and burgers. Then of course a caramel apple to share! After lunch we made our second round and rode Indiana Jones, the Jungle Cruise, haunted mansion and small world! I think Small World was everyone's favorite to watch Liam because it is bright enough and he can see everything and be completed overstimulated with fun! We also played astro blasters which we competed in and Wes took the cake for winning and shooting the most targets. Around 3pm, everyone rode autotopia and Liam fell asleep again in the carrier for the WIN. I heard autotopia was horrible so I'm glad I was able to rock Liam to sleep and not even miss a good ride! After a few more rides, a churro, pineapple dole whip and lots and lots of water, we were ready to head home. Who would have thought that all that fun could wear you out that much! We headed back to the hotel and were able to rest a little before ordering room service in for the night. I think I fell asleep at 9pm...just a few hours after Liam!

Saturday we planned to go to one of the nice malls in the area and walk around and hang out which is exactly what we did. It was pretty windy, so we just fiddled around the mall and stretched our legs from all the walking from Disneyland. We ended up eating lunch at a restaurant in the mall which was pretty good, but the real plan was to eat at Gullivers later that night. So after lunch we headed back to the hotel and headed to the pool for a short while. Liam got his trunks on and his rash guard since it was kind of windy and we hopped in the pool for a short dip. It was pretty fun, and Liam was splashing around like crazy...and then we got cold and got out. We headed to Gullivers for dinner which has delicious prime rib and creamed corn! Liam was not having a nap, so he was a little wild at dinner, but then he fell asleep on the way home. We all hit the sack pretty early again as we were still tired from the day before. Sunday was another relaxing day of packing and prepping to head out. We got our bags organized and pulled everything together to head out of the hotel. We grabbed some breakfast at Downtown Disney and then jumped in the minivan to head to Fashion Island outdoor mall to meet up with my friend from college and her husband...whom had just gotten married at Disneyland the same day we were there!!! It was so great to see her and her husband and they are just the cutest. We just hung around Nordstrom and chatted and then had some lunch at Nordstrom Cafe, which by the way, is delicious!!! Then we headed to the airport and our fun weekend in Disneyland came to an end. The plane ride home was pretty busy...Liam was bouncing from person to person. Then as we began our descent, he fell asleep. Then he stayed asleep when we put him in the stroller, and the car seat and his crib when we arrived home. Liam was a total dream on this trip and every time I worry he might be hard, he blows my mind and is perfect all over again. Best. Kid. Ever.


2015 has already begun speeding is already February...and my baby boy has turned 1!!!! I can't believe that this day last year I was delivering the most perfect little baby and what a difference he was going to make in our lives. 2014 was a great year for us and I think 2015 will be just as good and maybe better. We have already begun our year with a trip to Disneyland with my family and a party for Liam's first birthday. And we have more fun trips and activities planned for the whole year. In March, Tadd is heading to Pennsylvania for a training for Ritas Italian Ice and Frozen Custard as our franchise store should be opening this spring. Then in April I get to head to San Diego for my cousins bachelorette and bridal shower. This summer we are heading back to San Diego for the wedding which Liam gets to be in! Moving into the fall, another wedding for one of my best friends, then finishing out the year with a trip to Hawaii and Arizona. Time is definitely flying but how can you complain when everything that happens is fun and exciting.