Sunday, August 1, 2010


Tadd and I just returned home from Laguna Niguel for Brittny's wedding. We had a really great weekend with the family. We got into the airport at separate times on Thursday. But once we both were in, we were able to head to the rehearsal dinner at a little restarant that was cute and cozy. It was called Ti Amo and all the family gathered and ate good food and got excited for Brittny and Phil's wedding.

After dinner, we were able to head to Newport and spend more time with Tara and Russ. Friday morning came and Nick, Alyssa, Tadd and I went out to breakfast and then headed to a few beaches. We stopped at Table Rock beach, then 1000 steps beach (yes there are that many steps and we actually went there to workout) I did the stairs once...Tadd did them 3 times! After that we headed to another beach with Kirk and Tyler and the kids. I definitely got some sun and enjoyed laying out chatting with Alyssa.

After those three beaches, we ate some lunch and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding which was to start at 6pm. It is always hectic getting ready for weddings for me because my hair takes a long time, but anyway, we all got ready. A few people left before and then Alyssa and I got there around 5:45pm and hung around until the ceremony started.

Then the ceremony started and Brittny looked beautiful and Phil was so happy to see her and how beautiful she looked. The ceremony was short and sweet and then we had a cocktail hour where we visited with everyone before the reception. Once the reception started, there were introductions, the toasts, the dances and all the fun formalities of a wedding. It was such a pretty site and lots of fun people to spend time with. After the wedding, we just headed back to the hotel to get some sleep. Saturday, we went to Sea World, which was fun to spend time with family. Saturday night we went over to Jeff and Karen's house which was a lot of fun. We ate good food and spent time with family. Then we played ping pong and ate lots of dessert. Jill even stopped by with her lemon bars for my birthday. It was so great! Then Sunday morning we had to take off for our flight to head back to Sacramento.

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katester said...

It was so fun seeing you guys and wish we lived closer. By the way Happy Birthday again. I am such a bad sister in law for not calling. I am sorry.