Monday, July 26, 2010

24 years

What a wonderful life...All 24 years of it. I had a wonderful pre-birthday celebration on Friday with my mom, we went shopping! We went to Target and Macy's and Life Uniform, and Nordstrom Rack and Banana Republic Outlet. I know it sounds like a lot of places, and it took some time, but it was fun. I got a new black skirt, a couple of scrub tops, some white t-shirts (because you can never have enough of those) and then some daily needs like mascara and face wash! Friday night, we went to a baptism and then Nuyo. On Saturday, my parents, Tadd and I headed to the city for the broadway show WICKED! There was some intense traffic on the way, however, I was able to sleep through most of it (I am a closet car sleeper, unless you know me, and then you would know that I fall asleep on the drop of a hat in the car). Anyway, we arrive like 4 hours later...and we parked and began running to the Orpheum theater so that we would make it on time. The run was so worth it. We made it to our seats in time and the show was dazzling. The stage setup was great, the singing was amazing...costumes were wonderful...what a great show! Tadd did so good for my birthday. He always thinks of the best gifts to give. After the show we headed to a lovely restaurant that my dad knew about. It was called the BIG 4, after the 4 people that started the Pacific Union railroad. was such good food. I had a great Saturday for my birthday celebration in advance.

Then, if all of this birthday celebrating is not enough, I got to celebrate on my actual birth day too! I had school...all day...but that is okay. I got well wishes all day from friends and family. When I got home from school at 10:00pm my mom got some o so delicious cupcakes from a place called frosting on the cupcake. They look magnificent and taste just the same. We shared all the cupcakes in the box and then I got more gifts. I got my yellow wedges, a few more white t-shirts (different style from the previous) and some face lotion that I have been needing. Perfect, perfect birthday.

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