Monday, August 23, 2010

Seattle and Back

This past weekend, Tadd and I headed up to Seattle Washington for my college roommates wedding!!! We got in on Thursday around 4:30pm and we headed over to Andiamo for the rehearsal dinner. It was so great to see Shannon. It had been since our wedding that we had seen each other. We also got to see her family and friends, and of course meet her Mr. We were only able to talk to Eric for a few minutes, but he seemed like the perfect match for her. After the dinner, we headed over to Aaron's house in Marysville, about 40 minutes north. When we got there, it was pretty late, and we stayed up into the night, catching up with Tadd's longtime friend.

On Friday, we hung around the house and relaxed before heading to a mall to stroll around and then to lunch. We left for the wedding and arrived just in the nick of time. Shannon looked so beatiful in her wedding dress and her bridesmaids were adorable. It was a nice ceremony on a golf course and the reception area was really pretty with coppers and reds and a lovely tier of decorated donuts!!!

After an evening of dancing, eating and photos, we headed back to Marysville. On Saturday morning, we woke up and had to drive to the airport to get rid of our rental car. After that, we headed to the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry. There were lots of first on this trip for Tadd and I. We have never been to Seattle together and Tadd had never been there at all. The ferry ride to Bainbridge was a first and a visit to Port Townsend with my aunt and uncle was a first as well. Once we arrived in Bainbridge, we were greeted by my Uncle Steve and Aunt Debra (although we are not related). We made the drive to Port Townsend and straight to town parade, farmers market and craft fair. It was a very interesting town, but we had a lot of fun. We ate delicious treats, salmon sandwiches, blueberries, and lots of other goodies. After the downtown meandering, we headed to their house. It is an adorable two story house, that has blue/slate siding and wood shingles. It was such a great house, very comfy and inviting.

We took a little power nap before getting ready for our evening out in downtown Port Townsend and dinner. We went to a place called Sirens. YUM. It was so good. I got this gorgonzola chicken pasta. Whoa. It was delicious. I would fly to port townsend just to eat this again. Anyway, we got to see Debra's gallery that she works at and has her hand painted scarves and artwork in. I got a lovely pink scarf from her. It is so pretty. After dinner, we headed back to the house and prepared to eat some incredibly delicious cream filled almond croissants. Yes, we love food. And yes, we ate some seriously good food in Port Townsend. After our dessert, we headed of to sleep. Sunday morning, we arose with a beautiful site out of our window of trees and the sun peeking through. For breakfast we headed to The Blue Moose. It was such a cute, local restaurant. I got the french toast and Tadd got biscuits and gravy and we shared. Delicious. After breakfast we walked around downtown a bit more as well as a boat building place that is relatively new and really neat. There is a big warehouse where boats are made and they are so sleek looking. After a nice walk around this warehouse, we had to head to the ferry to get to Seattle. We made it to the ferry and across the puget sound and took some cool pictures of Seattle. When we got off the boat we headed to the Seattle Temple to take some pictures. Then to the airport. But before we were unloaded, we ate one last time. This time at CPK and Steve and Deb had not eaten there, and they enjoyed it very much. Then to the airport and our lovely 3.5 day weekend came to an end.

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