Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday Night...

On Friday night, the four of us headed to Wheatland for the Tim McGraw concert along with Lady Antebellum and Love and Theft. It was PACKED!!! The lawn was full of people and there was not a single piece of grass left to be taken. It was nice weather, thankfully, and we were able to get into the concert just in time to get our spot and relax before Love and Theft got on stage. They sang a few of their hits as well as a song that Martina McBride sings that they wrote. They were great! Lady Antebellum was also amazing. I predicted their first song and from there, they just continued to play all my favorites. I hope that they have a concert on their own that I can go to next.

Of course, the main event was Tim McGraw. I must admit he was good. He is darn good looking, and he wore some seriously tight jeans and a nice vneck shirt. He did a great job...he sang so many great songs. I forgot how many good ones he has. Overall, it was such a fun evening. We left a few songs early so that we could try and leave before we hit serious traffic and thank goodness we did. We made it home around midnight and hit the sack so that I could go on my long run Saturday morning, in preparation for my half marathon that is this coming weekend!!!


momab said...

That sounds like so much fun, they are coming to Arizona too. Wish we were going. Dad's surgery is tomorrow, we have been doing all the before stuff today. We will let you know how things go.
Love you both.

Jesse, Devon and Aida said...

JEALOUS!!!!Love all 3 of them!