Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Wow...Bachelorette was pretty entertaining last night. Let me tell you, there are some seriously dangerous men on that show. Let's start with Mr. Danger himself.
How seriously awkward was there 2 minute conversation outside. He was weird! As for the weatherman...pansy! "Thanks for having my back this week" stated by Ali. p.s. Johnathan, that is the sole reason you are still on the show! I kind of feel bad...but not that bad. Weatherman has got to go!

Now to a few good things...Franky. I did like him and his quirkiness..."There is nothing normal about you, in a good way." I really do think he is cool though. I think they totally get along and could have a really good time together. Cute date. He was nice and funny and easy going. Still in my top 5! The group date was kind of embarrassing. You could tell that some of those men were a little nervous and uncomfortable. Which, I cannot blame them. But Ty stepped up and totally got a moment with her on the beach and then he got to tell his divorce story. Good for him!
Jesse...does not seem like he has much to say, kind of seemed like a forced date. Keep trying though. Chris L...he seemed a little awkward and nervous also, for the few minutes that he spoke with her. Maybe next time. Now if Rated-R and the other Craig don't knock it off. They are both pretty annoying.
Top 5 remain...Roberto, Frank, Chris L., Jesse & Kirk. (Chris H. went home last night):( (I kind of liked Steve too...one to keep your eye on... he was nice)

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Jesse, Devon and Aida said...

Wish we could watch it together:( I am not too into it since I hate her! But I am still watching of course...love the drama! I like Jesse...hmmm the name maybe? I just think he's cute. Frank is a little too nerdy for me and I like Roberto too but they didn't show him too much this past week...maybe I just like getting to say his name all mexicany! Miss you!!