Sunday, May 9, 2010

25 Things

1. I have incredibly sensitive skin…like I get a rash just because. (this just happened the other day and I still don’t know what caused the rash)
2. I don’t like condiments. Seriously. I don’t like ketchup, mustard, relish, fry sauce…you name it, I probably won’t put it on my food. Some think I am plain. I just don’t like sauciness.
3. I have never broken a bone or really anything. Just rolled ankles and pulled muscles…pretty good for lots of years of sports.
4. I love school. I am pretty good at it. I could be a lifelong student…or learner.
5. I have a shoe obsession. In high school, it was tennis shoes. Then it was pumps. Now it is wedges! It is bad…and expensive, but I love it.
6. I had a bowl cut when I was in 4th grade. The biggest tomboy you will ever meet. Now, not so much, but I don’t think I will ever live down those days with the haircut I had.
7. I met my husband in Salsa class, and I think it is the best story ever…we are trying to brush up on our moves again right now (and , no we did not Salsa at our wedding, we had lost our skill)
8. I want 4 kids. I am really good at boy’s names and Tadd is really good at girl’s names. Good combo. But I don’t want to find out the sex until after they are born.
9. I have run a half marathon and I am going to be running another one in 3 weeks. Wish me luck, my training is severely lacking at this point.
10. I love my blue planner. It is super cute and I highlight my daily tasks in coordinating colors.
11. I am obsessive compulsive slightly. I am constantly doing laundry, vacuuming, organizing, and re cleaning. I do enjoy it though. I know, weird.
12. I can fall asleep any time of day…and sleep for too long. 5 minutes in the car…asleep. 5 minutes on the couch…asleep. It is like a sickness, I try not to sleep, and I am still working on it. I can still function; I just like to sleep…a lot.
13. I want to play piano. I have taken lessons as a child and again as a young adult and I still can’t play. I am going to take lessons again, soon. And someday I will be good!
14. My feet sweat when I am nervous and not wearing socks and then my hands sweat. Don’t worry you don’t have to hold my hand 
15. I studied abroad in Australia. I graduated before I went and when I got back I was done with school and planning my wedding. It was fun!
16. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. I kind of feel like Belle because I really like to read…and I have memorized all the songs in the movie. Bonjour, bonjour….
17. I really like the color purple. My running shoes are purple and I have a matching pair of running shorts. It is my favorite running outfit.
18. My favorite jamba juice is Orange Dream Machine and I think I get it every time.
19. I made my dad the coolest quilt ever. It was my first sewing project. And I used his soccer shirts. He cried when he got it for Christmas. Best gift given ever!
20. I love watching sharks and alligators on TV because I am petrified of them in real life.
21. I LOVE my 4 runner. I never want to get rid of it. Never. Ever. Love It!
22. I could live on watermelon. It is delicious. And I am eating it right now!
23. I have a dental implant. (I am going to be a hygienist…so this is pertinent.) This is kind of a big deal…I did not have a permanent tooth and so I have a post with a crown. I am proud of it.
24. Target has everything you ever need. I could go there daily. And spend too much money on random knick knacks that are super cute. But I don’t. But I do love Target.
25. I wish I was craftier. I know it is in me, it will come out some day. I watch all of my friends and their creativity. I am still working on it. I will just glean from my inspired friends for as long as I need.

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