Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Teeny Weeny Tot Soccer

Teeny weeny...isn't that adorable! I signed Liam up for soccer at Maidu just down the street from our house. It was 4 weeks in a row on a Saturday and there were a handful of kids with their parents just running around and pretending we knew what we were doing. We definitely got Liam a full on uniform, and he rocked it every week. He even wore Sambas...which if you know soccer at all, are the epitome of a soccer player, so he was legit, basically. He actually learned quite a few things during the few weeks we played. He learned how to kick, dribble, squish the bug or stop the ball and he loved the dragon games at the end where he got to run around and grab a ball before the dragon got him. Anyway, it was such a blast and I think Liam had a good time too...And I look forward to introducing him to more sports in the near future, uniform for every sport of course, probably shoes too...But isn't that the best part about having kids!!!

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