Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Room Redo

We have been in our house for over two years now. When we moved in, we did lots of updates and paint and crown molding and the list goes on. Everything was in order. And then we lived. For 2 years in the house. And now, everything is not so much in order as it used to be. So...I have been slowly reorganizing and redoing rooms. It started with the kitchen whenwe renovated, everything got a new place and that has maintained its composure. I did re organize the cabinets beside the kitchen table to make reaching snacks and office supplies more functional...and then I did it again just a few weeks ago. I have gotten the itch to reorganize and so it has begun...

We moved Liam into the guest bedroom and now he has a toddler room!!! We got him a bed for his birthday with tractor and truck sheets and seriously loves it. We also got him a step stool so he can climb into bed each night! He has been sleeping really good too! He woke up this morning at 6:45, and that was the first time he woke up!

So now he has a totally redone toddler room with a twin bed, teepee, dresser and toy storage! His closet is still in the works, and the front room will be reorganized by taking a lot of his cars and making them reachable in his closet!

Now heading into the nursery, since Liam is no longer in that room, I took all of his photos off the walls and put them in his room, so I touched up all the paint and reorganized the room and closet hoping that a new baby will be occupying that room in the next year or so!

And of course we don't want to leave out the master bedroom! We decided after 8 years of marriage and two queen mattresses more than 10 years old that we should get a fancy bedframe and King mattress! And so we did. We purged our closets, reorganized our drawers and then of course I wanted to paint! So I did. I painted it blue again, but a softer, brighter blue! And we just bought our new dresser, coming in two weeks! Just a few more finishing touches and the room will be complete.

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