Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monterey Bay Aquarium

In March, Tadd Liam and I and nana and papa headed down to Monterey to show Liam the aquarium! We drove down on Friday in a rain storm...briefly stopped at the Santa Cruz boardwalk in the freezing wind and then continued onto our house rental for the weekend!

A few memories on the way:: I spilled queso dip on my new sweater from chilis, a big brown spot. Fail.

We stopped at an Entenmanns outlet in hopes of finding crumb cake... They didn't even have donuts, dad was pouting instantly.

Friday night we headed to the cliff house and got a delicious meal despite not being that hungry post chilis queso at 4pm... Liam fell asleep at the restaurant and the rain stopped just for us that evening.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and got ready and headed to the aquarium! It was a perfect day. Sunny but not too warm. We explored the aquarium... Viewing the fish, otters, kelp forest, and of
Course the play areas to keep Liam interested!

Liam's favorite spot was the area where you can play with water... Yes, he got soaked. His entire shirt, shoes and socks... Somehow missed his pants! He had a blast! As the morning wore on, the aquarium got crazy busy and luckily we were just finishing our visit. We snagged Liam a tee shirt and a truck and walked on cannery row. Slowly browsed a few shops and found a lunch spot. Upon our arrival, Liam had already fallen asleep in the stroller!

We had our lunch and decided to head back to the house and relax for a little while as Liam continued his nap.

Around 5 we then headed back down to cannery row and walked a few laps, got Liam a shark toy and then headed to the sardine factory for a delicious dinner!

Sunday morning we packed up and drove to pismo to grab breakfast before doing the 17 mile drive along beautiful beaches, homes and golf courses.

After our drive, it began to rain like crazy again and we headed home. Made a few pit stops along the way in order to entertain Liam and to stretch our legs and then got home and unpacked from the fun weekend! This is definitely something that we will do again when Liam gets older and I think he will like it more and more the older he gets. 

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