Thursday, April 17, 2014

Six Years of Love

April 17, 2008-April 17, 2014
6 years of marriage to my main squeeze Tadd! So lucky to call him my husband, best friend &
confidant. I love that he is such a great dad, an incredibly hard worker & a dedicated church goer!
He is so handsome, funny, athletic, helpful, understanding and overall a great man to spend eternity with! Loving every chapter of our lives together!

Recap of year 5...
Hawaii in April to celebrate our anniversary
Getting pregnant
Buying a house
Fixing a House
Decorating a house
Dr. Appts!
Housewarming Party
Bathroom remodel
Thanksgiving with my parents
Christmas in Arizona
My sisters wedding in January in Florida
And the arrival of our precious baby Liam in February (march and April are a blur of goodness with our son)

Yay for April 17th and being married to my one and only! xo

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