Thursday, April 17, 2014

2 months!!!

Liam Michael is 2 months old! Can you believe it! It is going so fast! Some highlights of the last few months!

1. Liam is definitely catching up from his birth weight of 5lbs....he is 10 lbs 15oz now, and totally filling out! He is in the 20 percentile which is obviously on the low side but when comparing to early babies, he is in the 90th percentile!!

2. He is so alert and active now. He kicks, and swats and smiles and coos! He is so adorable and gets more and more adorable every time I look him (Im not obsessed or anything!)

3. We are trying to get on a more consistent schedule for daytime into night so he will sleep better and longer at night. Still a work in progress. He will still wake up a couple times at night, but we are rolling with it and keeping him happy and hopefully as the weeks go on, he will learn to love nighttime sleep!

4. He has grown out of all his newborn outfits! He started in preemie for about a week and then was in newborn clothes until about 5-6 weeks. And for the last few weeks we have been transitioning from his newborn clothes to his 0-3 months clothes!

5. He is extremely happy and has a great disposition. He sleeps pretty soundly, then he gets up and is happy after he eats. But he rarely actually cries (probably because I am overly prepared for the next thing he wants) which is really nice!

He got his immunization shots at this two month appt, it was devastating! He got three shots in his thighs and one drink. He cried like crazy and then after a little cuddling, he fell asleep! Still had a slightly rough day but is now back to his old self!

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Steph said...

That is so awesome that he's doing so well! We love Liam :) He is adorable and fantastic. So happy for you guys!