Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dental Hygiene

I had my orientation for Dental Hygiene School yesterday. I finally made it. At least to the start of it. I am attending Carrington College in Sacramento for my Dental Hygiene school, and then when it is done, I am done with school! Can you believe it? I have been in school since the beginning of time. I am so excited. I have been gathering all my school supplies that I need. We got all of our books yesterday. There are sooooo many! I also got lots of cool colored binders and dividers. I also got a pair of scrubs and I have to get white leather shoes...fancy! haha. Anyway, I hope everyone that reads this, is celebrating for me...for reaching the beginning of the end! I have already started reading all of the assignments for next that I won't be behind before I start! Wish me luck!

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katester said...

Good luck! We are so proud of you!