Monday, August 1, 2011

Celebrating Hannah!!!

This past weekend Tadd and I drove down to Newport Beach to spend some time with Tara and Russ and their baby girl (to be...October 10th) Hannah and to attend her baby shower. We left after work on Friday and arrived in Newport around 2am and awoke Tara (& Hannah) and chatted for a little while before heading to bed. We woke up on Saturday and headed onto the boardwalk for a stroll along the beach. After enjoying the morning, we decided to put together some snacks and headed down to the beach (1 block away). It was kind of windy but very lovely because the breeze helps to cool you off. We ate our sandwiches, enjoyed conversation, people watched and soaked up some rays for a few hours. We then headed back to the house and showered up and lounged around while watching Tangled. Around 6:00pm we decided to head over to the OC Fair. We had wanted to go to the Sacramento Fair but we have been so busy so it was really great to head over there. Tadd and I decided to basically eat the most ridiculous food. We started with fried oreos, a fried twinkie and a donut chicken sandwich. They were all decent, but once you try them, you really don't need to eat them again. After these lovely treats, we grabbed a large turkey leg which was juicy and delicious. As we continued along the "food alley" we continued to be tempted by various foods. The other foods that we ate were chocolate covered bacon, a maple donut with bacon on top, a cinnamon roll with frosting and kettle corn. I know, I know, a healthy evening. We did walk all around the fair, so we did get a little exercise in. We saw lots of cool animals and people and fun rides which we did not go on. It was a really nice evening and we enjoyed each other's company. After the fair, we went back to the house and turned on a movie and I was asleep in a few minutes.

Sunday morning we woke up and prepared for Tara's shower. Russ ended up changing his flight and got back into town on Sunday morning and Tadd picked him up and spent time with him while we were at the shower. The shower was so great. The decorations were really pretty and everyone was there to celebrate Tara and Hannah! Tara got lots of great presents that are really going to help with the preparation for the arrival of their little girl!

We headed home around 4pm and unloaded all the gifts and the four of us hung out a little more and made dinner before Tadd and I headed back to Sacramento. We arrived home 2am Monday morning and are now trying to recover from the sleep that we missed which was well worth it!!

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