Sunday, August 21, 2011

Family Lake Tahoe Trip

This past weekend, our family from San Diego made the long drive up to Sacramento to spend some time with us and also to enjoy some beautiful weather and scenery in Lake Tahoe. Jeff and Karyn and the kids arrived on Wednesday evening, and we all headed out to Macaroni Grill for some grub. We all then headed back to the house and got some sleep. Thursday everyone enjoyed the pool and some pickleball while waiting for me to finish my final for physiology. Thursday around 5pm we headed up the hill to Incline Village. We grabbed some food at Raleys and reached the cabin around 8pm. Friday morning we all arose and hit the trail for some hiking. It was such a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and the air was crisp.

After hiking, we headed down to the Truckee River!!! We all piled into the large river raft and cruised down. It was a fun and interesting experience. The kids were so excited to get into the lake, however, they were having a hard time determining the best timing. Either it was too shallow or too deep, too much moss or too many rocks...but either way, they had a fun time and got to swim around in the Truckee River. A hilarious experience was when we came upon our first "rapid." We were all relaxing, and we all hollered warnings that there was a rock approaching, however, we hit the rock too hard and Karyn went heels over head into the river. It was pretty entertaining. Luckily she did not get hurt and she recovered our food and sunscreen. It is definitely a memory to keep and laugh at each time we get together! After the river, we headed back to the house to freshen up and go grab dinner at Lanza's. It was perfect. We arrived just in time to get seated right away, have our order taken and delivered in flawless fashion. Overall it was a great experience at Lanza's and we will continue to bring family and friends to this restaurant every time we visit Lake Tahoe.

Saturday, we woke up, lounged around a bit, gathered our things and headed to Incline Beach. We spend most of our Saturday at the beach, grabbed some lunch at Austin's and then hit the other side of Incline Beach for their pool and slide. After this fun filled day, we grabbed a couple of movies and went back to the cabin. Sunday morning, we arose, Tadd and I went to the Tahoe ward while the kids got organized to hit the road. When we got back, everything got packed up and we said our goodbyes. We had such a fun time together. I think we are going to make this a yearly trip...yes, we had that much fun! Thanks Jeff and Karyn for making the trip from San Diego. We love you guys!!!


Karyn said...

You guys are awesome. We had such a fun time and it was great to see you guys as well as spend time together with you and your family too Kelly! Thanks for not mentioning the whining, fighting and crying on the trip. Hope you guys have recovered from that part! We are already planning another trip and are looking forward to skiing next in Tahoe! Jeff is convinced that he wants to move there now since he had so much fun and truly enjoyed the mountains as well as the company. I will stop shaving my legs officially as I am in training to become a mountain man's wife! Thank you, thank you for such a memorable experience! The kids keep talking about it too!

Darci said...

Hi Kelly! I'm Karyn's friend, and I met you guys at Berlin's baptism. Love the blog, and it looks like a fantastic trip you guys had. Thanks for sharing the fun filled week in pictures with us!

Ann said...

SOOO FUN! Hi, I am a friend of Karyn's too! :) I loved seeing all your beautiful pictures and reading about the good times. Wow! Seeing this post made me think maybe my family needs to vacation in Tahoe. It has been over 10 years since I have been there-and it was always in the winter. Thanks for sharing!