Tuesday, February 22, 2011


And the Bachelor continues...and last night was a very interesting evening. I am sad that Shawntel went home because I think she is adorable. It was kind of creepy that her Dad went all wacko on her and got pissed that she was going to leave Chico and carry on the family business. I think the whole funeral director job really freaked Brad out and that is a bummer.

Chantal and her family were pretty cool and they had a huge house. Ashley is a little ball of energy! Her whole family was gathered around on the floor so they could be close to Brad. That was funny. As for Emily...seriously could she be any more perfect. She never says anything wrong and is just the sweetest thing. The at home date went well and little Ricky was cute as a button and she warmed up to Brad eventually. My favorite part was when Emily said that she was not letting Brad leave her house without him kissing her...and of course she won and it was a wonderful date and perfect home town! More next week...something to look forward to!

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