Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekend Wonders

A list of the fabulous things that are happening this weekend...
1. In laws are coming to town.
2. Tadd graduates at Arco Arena with his MBA.
3. Tadd's Birthday is on Saturday...31 wonderful years!
4. BBQ for friends and family to celebrate Tadd!
5. Mom and Dad come back from Miami to stop in before heading back!
6. Sunday dinner with both sets of parents!
Get excited for pictures to come!


azlabrat said...

Tell Tadd congratulations on the big graduation and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, from the Eastman/Hutchison crowd!

katester said...

We wish we could be there to celebrate his big day. Tell Tadd we love him, we are proud of him and Happy Birthday. Hopefully he received our card in the mail. love you guys! Good luck with your last week of school.