Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fabulous Fall Find

This weekend I happened to be very busy and got lots of things done. Saturday morning began with cleaning the church building, then getting my eyebrows waxed, then taking my parents to the airport heading to Miami of course. After dropping them at Sac Airport, I headed back with a few stops to make. I went to Freestyle to sell some clothes, and yes, they totally took 3 items. Then I went to Crossroads to see if they would take any of the things that the previous store did not take. And, then did. They took 4 items and I got 1 super cute scarf for the fall/winter season! And of course, since they bought my stuff, I actually got money back after purchasing this adorable scarf. See below! I have so many ideas as to how this scarf is going to look adorable with various outfits. Maybe I will post a few once this heat goes away. Until then, I will enjoy the planning of the outfits.

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