Sunday, September 5, 2010


On saturday, we headed over to our friend's house, Lacey and Ryan and we all went down to the Oakland A's game. They were playing the Los Angeles Angels and the game was at 1:00pm. We got to the Colliseum around 11am, which was perfect because it gave us time to hang outside and tailgate and eat some yummy food before heading into the suite that our friends had. Tadd played football with the kids that were there and I sat around and chatted. After tailgaiting, we headed into the stadium. When we got to our suite, we kicked back and watched warm ups.

The A's won the game. There were a few great catches, a home run, a few pickles and lots of fun. We had a lot of fun going to the game, especially because it was a first for both of us to go to an A's game since we have lived here. Thanks Lacey and Ryan for inviting us to come!!!

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