Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have not posted anything about Ali and her bachelors for a few weeks now. I am going to use the excuse that I am in school for 11 hours a day right now...so by the time I am done watching the Bachelorette, I am really tired. This evening, however, I happen to have off...so I will post a little something!
Thank goodness Justin/Rated R is gone! I don't really care how he left, except for the fact that it made him that much more lame that he had a few girlfriends on the side that he was leaving love messages for. What a fool! Goodbye finally!
I feel really bad for Craig...he worked so hard for his 1 on 1 date and then once they had one, she sent him home. And he was sad. He will find a winner. I did not really like him before, but after last night I think he is a really nice guy and hope that he finds a babe.
Roberto & Chris...going strong. Big fan of both!
Frank, Kirk & Ty...I am still a little unsure of all of you. Frank, I really liked you at the beginning but now you are getting super self conscious and making it really hard to see you with Ali...get it together (and it looks like next week, you ruin it). Kirk...you are cute still...I just don't know if you are her husband...we will see. Ty...I just don't like the accent I think. I know, weird, but it kind of seems fake when you talk, I can't put my finger on it. But I think Ali likes you...so just do what you do.

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