Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A little Late

I started Chemistry on Monday this week so I am super busy all, with that said, I am posting last weekends events now. We headed down to San Diego on Thursday night at 10:30pm and arrived around 5:30am to Jill's apartment. At that point, we all slept through the morning until about noon. We all got a little exercise in before we got back into the car and headed to Katie's boyfriend, Dennis's baseball game in San Bernadino. They played the 66ers and beat them 5-2. He did really good, got a few hits and had a few catches out in left field.

Into Saturday morning, we headed to breakfast and then back to the house to hang out and get ready before heading over to the Lichtl's house for a BBQ. Our friend Jen was able to stop by for a brief time since she was in the neighborhood before she takes off to South Africa for the World Cup...lucky!

Over to Whitney and Anthony's house to spend some time with friends and enjoy the company and food, of course.

After our fun Saturday, it was game time. Lauren and I stayed downtown at our friend Taylors place so that we could get up bright and early for our half marathon. We got up around 4:30am...headed over to the race and got ready for our 6:15am start. We finished our 13.1 miles in 2 hrs 3 mins...just as the sun was coming out...After running we were able to meet up with everyone for breakfast before getting back in the car for 8 hours to drive home.

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